2009 Annual Overwiew – Wars and disputed elections: The most dangerous stories for journalists

first_img Related documents 2009 Annual OverviewPDF – 322.95 KB Organisation December 30, 2009 – Updated on January 25, 2016 2009 Annual Overwiew – Wars and disputed elections: The most dangerous stories for journalists ——–Read the report2009 in numbers :76 journalists killed (60 in 2008)33 journalists kidnapped573 journalists arrested1456 physically assaulted 570 media censored 157 journalists fled their countries1 blogger died in prison 151 bloggers and cyber-dissidents arrested61 physically assaulted 60 countries affected by online censorship RSF_en center_img Two appalling events marked 2009: one was the largest ever massacre of journalists in a single day – a total of 30 killed – by the private militia of a governor in the southern Philippines and the other was an unprecedented wave of arrests and convictions of journalists and bloggers in Iran following President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disputed reelection.A total of around 160 journalists in all continents were forced to go into exile to escape prison or death, often in very dangerous circumstances. The Iranian press photographers crossing the Turkish border to escape arrest or the Somali radio journalists fleeing to neighbouring countries to avoid certain death had all reported essential news and information that some people would go to any lengths to suppress.Wars and elections constituted the chief threat to journalists in 2009. It is becoming more and more risky to cover wars as journalists themselves are being targeted and face the possibility of being murdered or kidnapped. But it can turn out to be just as dangerous to do your job as a reporter at election time and can lead directly to prison or hospital. Violence before and after elections was particularly prevalent in 2009 in countries with poor democratic credentials.No one should be surprised that, as bloggers and websites continue to flourish, censorship and repression have surged proportionately. There is almost no country nowadays that has entirely escaped this phenomenon. As soon as the Internet or new media (social networking, mobile phones etc) start to play a leading role in the spread of news and information, a serious clampdown follows. Bloggers are now watched as closely as journalists from the traditional media.Our major concern in 2009 has been the mass exodus of journalists from repressive countries such as Iran and Sri Lanka. The authorities in these countries have understood that by pushing journalists into exile, they can drastically reduce pluralism of ideas and the amount of criticism they attract. “This is a dangerous tendency and it must be very strongly condemned,” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Jean- François Julliard said as this review of 2009 was released. News Help by sharing this informationlast_img read more

Driver who fatally struck 3 siblings at school bus stop is found guilty of reckless homicide

first_imgIndiana State Police(ROCHESTER, Indiana) — A 24-year-old Indiana woman who struck four children with her pickup truck, killing three of them, as they crossed a rural highway to their school bus, has been found guilty of reckless homicide.Alyssa Shepherd was also found guilty of criminal recklessness in the Oct. 30, 2018, crash, which shined a light on issues of school bus safety.Shepherd testified Friday that she saw blinking lights but failed to see a school bus or a red stop sign arm when she plowed into 6-year-old twin brothers Xzavier and Mason Ingle, and their 9-year-old sister, Alivia Stahl, as they crossed the highway to board the bus from the mobile home park where they lived, near Rochester, Indiana. All three children died, while Maverik Lowe, 11, was injured in critical condition.Lowe, who entered the courtroom Wednesday using a walker, testified that he saw the headlights of an approaching vehicle as he crossed the road toward the bus. He recalled having only a couple of second to decide what to do.“I decided to go forward,” he said, at which point he was struck. He remembered struggling to breath as he lay in a ditch before rescuers had him airlifted him to a hospital, where he spend 30 days and ultimately underwent 21 surgeries.Shepherd, in her testimony, said she dropped her husband at work and was on her way to drop her kids at school and welcome a new youth pastor to church when she came upon a large vehicle, according to South Bend, Indiana, ABC affiliate WBND.“I saw a vehicle, it was a very large vehicle. I couldn’t tell what it was,” Shepherd told the court, saying that she assumed it was an oversized-load modular home.“When I saw children I instantly knew it was a bus,” Shepherd said. She testified that doesn’t remember how she moved the steering wheel but said she did brake.Her husband testified that Shepherd called him shortly after the accident.“She was very hysterical. I couldn’t quite make out what was going on. I assumed she was in an accident,” he said.The parents of the three children who were killed, Shane Ingle and Brittany Stahl, told ABC News following the accident that their loss was “more than what we can even express in words.”“A parent never expects to bury their child,” the couple said in a statement. “Every night we go to sleep without their hugs and kisses. And every morning we wake up to reality and wishing it was just a dream. We miss them so much. Our lives are forever changed.”Shepherd, who will be sentenced on Dec. 18, now faces up to 21 1/2 years in prison.The crash led the Indiana legislature to increase statewide penalties for drivers who pass stopped school buses illegally.Shortly after the accident, the supervisor of the local school district announced that the bus stop where the crash occurred would be relocated into the mobile home park where the victims lived.Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Born blonde: a recessive loss-of-function mutation in the melanocortin 1 receptor is associated with cream coat coloration in Antarctic fur seals

first_imgAlthough the genetic basis of color variation has been extensively studied in humans and domestic animals, the genetic polymorphisms responsible for different color morphs remain to be elucidated in many wild vertebrate species. For example, hypopigmentation has been observed in numerous marine mammal species but the underlying mutations have not been identified. A particularly compelling candidate gene for explaining color polymorphism is the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), which plays a key role in the regulation of pigment production. We therefore used Antarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus gazella) as a highly tractable marine mammal system with which to test for an association between nucleotide variation at the MC1R and melanin-based coat color phenotypes. By sequencing 70 wild-type individuals with dark-colored coats and 26 hypopigmented individuals with cream-colored coats, we identified a nonsynonymous mutation that results in the substitution of serine with phenylalanine at an evolutionarily highly conserved structural domain. All of the hypopigmented individuals were homozygous for the allele coding for phenylalanine, consistent with a recessive loss-of-function allele. In order to test for cryptic population structure, which can generate artefactual associations, and to evaluate whether homozygosity at the MC1R could be indicative of low genome-wide heterozygosity, we also genotyped all of the individuals at 50 polymorphic microsatellite loci. We were unable to detect any population structure and also found that wild-type and hypopigmented individuals did not differ significantly in their standardized multilocus heterozygosity. Such a lack of association implies that hypopigmented individuals are unlikely to suffer disproportionately from inbreeding depression, and hence, we have no reason to believe that they are at a selective disadvantage in the wider population.last_img read more

Southern Ocean pteropods at risk from ocean warming and acidification

first_imgEarly life stages of marine calcifiers are particularly vulnerable to climate change. In the Southern Ocean aragonite undersaturation events and areas of rapid warming already occur and are predicted to increase in extent. Here, we present the first study to successfully hatch the polar pteropod Limacina helicina antarctica and observe the potential impact of exposure to increased temperature and aragonite undersaturation resulting from ocean acidification (OA) on the early life stage survival and shell morphology. High larval mortality (up to 39%) was observed in individuals exposed to perturbed conditions. Warming and OA induced extensive shell malformation and dissolution, respectively, increasing shell fragility. Furthermore, shell growth decreased, with variation between treatments and exposure time. Our results demonstrate that short-term exposure through passing through hotspots of OA and warming poses a serious threat to pteropod recruitment and long-term population viability.last_img read more

Pakistan Naval Ships Stop in Port of Colombo

first_img View post tag: Navy October 9, 2014 Pakistan Naval Ships Stop in Port of Colombo View post tag: asia Two Pakistan naval ships, “SAIF” and “NASR” arrived at the Port of Colombo on 1st October 2014 on a goodwill visit. The Mission Commander, Commodore Zahid Hyas and the Ships’ Commanding Officers paid a courtesy call on the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera at the Naval Headquarters in Colombo.PNS SAIF is a multi mission frigate capable of operating independently or as part of a Task Force. It is equipped with state-of-the-art modern weapons and sensors and carries Anti Submarine Z9EC helicopter onboard.PNS NASR is a leading unit of the Pakistan Navy Fleet’s 09th Auxiliary and Mine Warfare Squadron. The ship can undertake long range helo operations with its anti-ship missile and torpedoes. It is capable of providing fuel, water and stores including ammunition to surface ships and helicopters at sea for their prolonged operations.The ships are on their way home from the Port Kelang in Malaysia.[mappress]Press Release, October 09, 2014; Image: Sri Lanka Navy Follow @navaltoday Share this article Authorities View post tag: ships View post tag: Port of Colombo View post tag: Pakistan View post tag: News by topic View post tag: stop Back to overview,Home naval-today Pakistan Naval Ships Stop in Port of Colombo View post tag: Naval View post tag: Sri Lankalast_img read more

“Please read my booky wook.”

first_imgGuy Pewsey discusses prostitutes, children and Richard Dawkins with Russell Brand.Russell Brand is late. Forty five minutes late to be precise. Union officials claim that Russell is feeling a little unwell, but I’m growing impatient regardless. And I’m not alone. I am sitting in the front row of the Union’s packed debating chamber, surrounded by hundreds of people who have come specifically to see a face which every individual in Britain cannot help but recognise due to the massive coverage his many projects, including comedy, acting, presenting, and now writing, have received. Looking around the room, it is clear that many usually scruffy individuals have made an effort to look good for Brand, and when his arrival is announced a flurry of both men and women quickly make sure their hair looks okay. For that is Russell’s appeal; unkempt yet stylish, coarse yet loveable, a beacon of style to men (according to GQ at least) and irresistible to women (the cast of St Trinians, in which he recently appears, were warned about Brand’s ways before shooting started). At long last he strolls in to thunderous applause, bright eyed and smiling widely, sashaying in a careless manner not dissimilar to the walk of a Disney Princess.And so it begins; almost an hour of spontaneous musings, physical comedy and a book reading, covering his dismissal from MTV for dressing up as Osama Bin Laden on September 12th 2001, and a rather unfortunate incident when he spat in the face of a new girlfriend. After the performance – and performance it assuredly is – he leaves the chamber with long strides, casting a look of glee back at his audience.‘Where is that girl who asked the question about celibacy?’ I’m now standing next to Russell, surrounded by a swarm of fans. Casting my mind back to the chamber, I recall the pretty blonde who he is referring to. ‘You mean the girl in the dress?’ I answer vaguely. His head tilts as he adopts a primary school teacher tone of voice. ‘Now now, is that her name?’ I am unsure how to reply, but Russell continues regardless, ‘I suppose that’s quite nice really’ he says, ‘to the two of us she will always be the girl in the dress.’ I laugh politely, although I’m actually a little uncomfortable. He turns to me as if he has suddenly realised that I don’t belong in his group, then looks me up and down. I hold my breath, unsure what to expect; ‘Well then,’ he pauses while I stand silently terrified, ‘aren’t you a fine young specimen?’ He doesn’t stop there; ‘And what a fine head of hair you have.’ He ends with a purr, an actual purr. ‘Not as fine as yours though I’m afraid’, I answer. ‘Well, there’s time to do something about that’ Russell says with a wry smile. With this we are called upstairs.Although Brand plays the role of clown in most scenarios, it’s clear that he is more intelligent than many people give him credit for. He has just returned from a quick detour to view a photograph of Einstein’s visit to the Union, and while we talk he signs copies of his autobiobraphy My Booky Wook, which he insists is not one of the many celebrity stories on the market written by a ghost writer, insisting that he feels the same way about his book as others would do about their children. The reference to parenthood brings me to a particularly interesting part of his life, when his father took him on a fatherson expedition to the Far East where the two slept with prostitutes in their shared hotel room. I ask if experiences such as this have put him off having children, and he answers instantly; ‘I want to have children very much, I love children. Your parents try their best, don’t they?’ He seems not to harbour any bitterness, and has spoken earlier in the evening about his fondness for his mother. ‘I prescribe to the Larkin view of parentage. You know, “they fuck you up your mum and dad” and all that but you love them anyway.’ Russell pauses from signing for a moment and we continue. I had read earlier that day that Brand considers his style to be that of a Victorian pimp, an S&M Willy Wonka, so I was eager to question him on his perceptions of style. His look has championed the cause of the metrosexual, and I ask him how if he likes having his own sense of fashion borrowed by others. He pauses to construct his answer. ‘I like the idea of mimetics. I think Dawkins coined the phrase.’ He looks at me expectantly but I have no clue of what he’s talking about. I resort to a wistful nod and he continues. ‘Like the coordination of ideas or something, so if I can spread the idea of a hairdo then why not?’Of course, with the platform that enables Brand to display his style comes the inevitable press spotlight. ‘I try not to read the papers’ he says, ‘but it is affirmation to see yourself abstracted into a tabloid form, made into a ridiculous cartoon that could never begin to capture the nuances of the human character.’ He stops to remember a name. ‘Was it Lang that talks about the mirror phrase?’ Once again, I have no idea, and he shrugs and chuckles.The newspapers, magazines and organisations which sometimes abuse his privacy often ‘reward’ him with trophies; some welcome (Vegetarian of the Year, Most Stylish Man of the Year) and others less so (The Sun’s Shagger of the Year). ‘You do get objects’ he explains, ‘but I give them all away.’ I ask what the Shagger of the Year award looked like, and he grimaces. ‘It was the front page of The Sun newspaper with a picture of me on that I’ve never particularly liked.’ I ask where it is now. ‘I gave it to Jonathan Ross as a matter of fact. You struggle to get rich people gifts, you never know what to give them, so why not a portrait of you pictured on the front page of The Sun with the phrase “Shagger of the Year” emblazoned on the top?’ His criticism of Ross’ wealth is heavily veiled by the cheeky schoolboy tone in which it is delivered, a technique perfected by Brand. I tell him that my mother, a big fan, thinks he is the second most intelligent man on television. He interrupts – ‘Stephen Fry?’ I nod, and ask Russell what he thinks about him. His answer is suitably flamboyant. ‘I love him, I think he’s beautiful.’ I wonder if he minds not being first in my mother’s considerations, and he is resilient in his acceptance. ‘Oh no, there’s no shame in coming second place to Stephen Fry, unless it was in a straight nose competition.’Interview courtesy of the Oxford Unionlast_img read more


first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE the health insurance plan for the employees of Vanderburgh County will renew on January 1, 2017? … the plan design will remain the same at renewal? …Vanderburgh County is fully insured by a private insurance company? … that the plan includes an onsite clinic, wellness programs, and chronic illness management? …that the Vanderburgh County plan will renew with a 0% rate adjustment for 2017? …the City of Evansville Health Insurance plan is self funded and is projected to be around $15 million in the red at the end of 2016? …we wonder why in the heck did the City of Evansville choose to continued to be self funded for 2017?IS IT TRUE the most impressive grass roots campaign conducted on the local level was that of Sean Selby for District #1 Vanderburgh County Commissioner?  …Local GOP Party Chairmen Wayne Parke worked against Mr. Selby during the political caucus?  … Mr. Selby prevailed by winning with 65% of the caucus vote?  …the Courier and Press quoted that Mr. Parke now feels that Sean Selby “should run strongly in heavily Republican precincts outside the city.”  …Mr. Parke also said; I certainly think there’s a chance that he can win this race.”?  …we find Mr. Selby to be extremely smart, friendly and approachable?  …if hard work determines who will be elected to District #1 County Commission seat Mr. Sean Selby should prevail?IS IT TRUE Mr. Selby’s opponent Ben Shoulders ran a lack luster campaign seemly based around his family  roots and employment with Old National Bank? …because of this his political platform seemly got lost in the mix? … we are told that Mr. Shoulders should had been more open and transparent related to an obvious conflict of interest issue concerning a fellow co-worker at Old National bank moderating the Pan Hellenic Candidate Forum he attended? …when Mr. Shoulders discovered that his fellow co-worker was the moderator of the Pan Hellenic Candidate Forum and didn’t ask her to recuse herself from this panel has hurt him politically? …we find Mr. Shoulders likable and smart?  …if he wins it shall be because of his family roots and not by his waging a smart and aggressive grass roots political campaign?IS IT TRUE the race between Ryan Hatfield and Johnny Kincaid was extremely delightful to watch?  …both candidates conducted themselves with class and dignity?  …either candidate would serve us well in the State House?IS IT TRUE the extremely hard working and well respected State Representative Holly Sullivan shall trounce her opponent?IS IT TRUE the race between Carla Hayden and Zachary Heronemus was interesting to watch?  Mr. Heronemus door to door effort was seemly effective with the undecided voters?  …Mrs. Hayden door to door effort was adequate?  …we give a slight edge to Mrs. Hayden because of the “get out the vote” efforts by the local GOP that may generate enough votes she needs to get elected?  …both candidates are really nice people and either one would serve us well in the Vanderburgh County Court Clerk position?IS IT TRUE the County Recorder race between current County Court Clerk Debbie Stucki and current Deputy Recorder Shannon Edwards was extremely low keyed?  …we predict that Mr. Stucki is in the political battle of her career?  …it’s common knowledge that Mrs. Stucki did an adequate job in running the County Court Clerk office?  …it’s also well known that Shannon Edwards id doing an extremely good job as the current Deputy Recorder? …both are very nice people? …we give a slight edge to Shannon Edwards to be elected as the next County Recorder of Vanderburgh County?IS IT TRUE the results of  County Corner race will be called early?  …that the popular Vanderburgh Deputy Corner Steve Lockyear will defeat his opponents handily?IS IT TRUE the race between Stephen Melcher and Cheryl Musgrave for District  #3 County Commissioner is turning out to be a real political barn burner?  …Commissioner Melcher is low keyed and Mrs.  Musgrave is extremely aggressive and out spoken?  …Commissioner Melcher enjoys the support among Mayor Winnecke and his key supporters, the “Indiana’s Right To Life”,  local Fraternal Order of Police, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding, S W Indiana Building Trades and area Veterans organizations?  …Mrs. Musgrave has the support of Builders Association, Area Reality group and the more conservative voters in the County?  …this race is extremely to close to call?IS IT TRUE it looks like Angela Koehler Lindsey and Mike Goebel are odds on favorite to be re-elected to the Vanderburgh County Council At Large seats?  …we predict that the other person to be elected to the County Council will either be Joe Kiefer or Nicholas Wildeman?IS IT TRUE there are two positions to fill on the Judge Of The Superior Court of Vanderburgh County?  …the Honorable Chief Judge Richard G D’Armour and the Honorable Judge Robert Pigman are running unopposed?  ….by all rights they should be running unopposed because they both have done an outstanding job on the bench?  …we urge you to give them a strong vote of confidence by voting for them on November 8, 2016?IS IT TRUE that Susan Kirk is running unopposed for Vanderburgh County Treasurer office?  …Ms. Kirk has done an outstanding job in this position?  …Ms. Kirk is also extremely popular with Civic Center employees and the public alike? …she is also considered to be the “Dean of the Civic Center Politics”? …we urge you to also give her a strong vote of confidence on November 8, 2016?IS IT TRUE the current members of the District #1 and District #3 the Vanderburgh County School Board are running unopposed?  …current school board members Terry Gamblin and Karen Ragland have been no more than rubber stamps for the Superintendent of Schools?  …School Board member Jeffrey Worthington has been a little more independent and out spoken against the Administration and could merit a complimentary  vote except for one thing?  …we are bothered by not knowing the reason why officer Worthington was abruptly transferred from the position of  Mater Dei High school liaison officer to a 3rd shift position with the EPD?IS IT TRUE tomorrow we shall be doing overviews on the remaining races listed on the ballot?FOOT NOTES: Todays READERS POLL question is:  WHO ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT?Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS” posted in our sections.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] County Observer has been serving our community for 15 years.Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistribute.last_img read more

Press release: New NHS Test and Trace plan to support return to more normal way of life

first_img increasing the speed and reach of testing and tracing better use of data, to help identify and react to clusters and outbreaks in close to real time partnering with local leaders, backed by further funding worth potentially more than £200 million per month, in addition to over £780 million which has already been committed to local authorities increased collaboration with the public, particularly those most affected by the virus, so we can respond to feedback from people who use the service Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: As part of the government’s COVID-19 Winter Plan, NHS Test and Trace has set out a new business plan for the next phase of the service. The plan sets out the approach to disrupt and prevent COVID-19 transmission, protect people’s health and enable people to return towards a more normal way of life.In a further improvement to the system, from today NHS COVID-19 app users in England, who have been instructed to isolate via the app, will be able to claim the £500 Test and Trace Support Payment, providing they meet the eligibility criteria. This comes as Apple revealed that the NHS COVID-19 app was the second most downloaded free iPhone app on its App Store in the UK this year.Since NHS Test and Trace launched, 20% of people in the UK have been tested at least once, more than 41 million tests have been carried out and more than 2 million people in England have been contacted and notified to self-isolate.The next phase of the service will focus on: Testing and tracing is an important tool in enabling us to return to a more normal way of life. NHS Test and Trace has built the biggest testing capability in Europe, and has made huge improvements in its contact tracing system. I am hugely grateful to everyone who is working so hard to deliver these improvements. With up to a third of people with coronavirus not showing any symptoms, it is incredibly important to test those who could be infecting others unknowingly, so we are rolling out community testing to bring down local transmission rates. Interim Executive Chair of the National Institute for Health Protection, Baroness Dido Harding said: From today, the NHS COVID-19 app will allow those who have been instructed by the app to isolate, and are eligible, to claim the £500 Test and Trace Support Payment Millions more will now be reached through new lateral flow devices – rapid testing on a scale not previously seen – including the many people (around 1 in 3) who have coronavirus but no symptoms, and will be spreading the virus without realising it. A key priority for NHS Test and Trace is the rollout of rapid community testing to help bring down local transmission rates and provide a route for areas in Tier 3 to move down to a lower tier.In the coming months, NHS Test and Trace will further enhance the role of local teams and Directors of Public Health in testing and tracing through community testing and going further on local tracing partnerships. 250 local tracing partnerships are now live across the country. This will allow NHS Test and Trace to reach a greater number of people with the virus and their contacts.Every upper tier local authority will be supported to build its own capacity, using community-based tracers who can draw on local intelligence. Community-based teams will focus particularly on vulnerable or harder-to-engage groups, as many have been doing successfully since the summer. These local teams will work with the national team as part of a ‘team of teams’, supported by extra capacity to meet surges in demand.NHS Test and Trace’s testing capacity is expanding to unprecedented levels, beyond the 500,000 daily testing capacity achieved by the end of October, through an integrated network of NHS, private and not-for-profit laboratories. More than 700 test sites are now in operation across England, including more than 300 local walk-through testing sites, meaning the average distance to a test centre has halved since the beginning of September to a median distance of 2.4 miles.Crucial data shared by Public Health England (PHE) and the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC), is enabling smarter ways of tackling the virus. The JBC provides insight of the early-warning indicators of outbreaks so local and national decision makers can respond more quickly and effectively, bringing down infection rates. Building on its achievements to date, NHS Test and Trace will bring together expertise and data sources, including from the NHS COVID-19 app, enhanced contact tracing, wastewater analysis, and local ‘soft’ intelligence to identify and halt local clusters before they become outbreaks – and respond more effectively to cross-border outbreaks when they occur.The app, which has now been downloaded more than 20 million times, remains a key tool to help break chains of transmission. Symptomatic users inputting positive test results into the app increases the number of people contact traced and the speed contact tracing happens, which helps reduce the spread of coronavirus and supports the reduction in the R number.Background informationRead the NHS Test and Trace business plan.Read the government’s COVID-19 Winter PlanThis new, further funding, potentially worth more than £200 million per month, recognises the ongoing public health and outbreak management costs to local authorities of tackling COVID-19. It will be in addition to the more than £780 million that has been committed to local authorities from the Contain Outbreak Management Fund to date.As announced in August, the National Institute for Health Protection will bring together PHE and NHS Test and Trace, as well as the analytical capability of the JBC, under a single leadership team. This single organisation, tackling COVID-19 and focused on protecting the nation’s health, will commence operations in Spring 2021.Read the eligibility criteria for the £500 Test and Trace Support Payment scheme. There are more than 50,000 people across the country working around the clock to expand and improve NHS Test and Trace. Since July, we have moved even closer to Public Health England and our combined, joint response has delivered an enormous amount. The extensive work NHS Test and Trace has done to accelerate development, and the introduction of innovative technologies, is giving us new possibilities. With new lateral flow tests we can turbo-charge our testing capacity and enable rapid, regular testing in hospitals, care homes, workplaces, universities and other areas that we value and that we need as a society to stay open and stay safe, enabling everyone to move towards a more normal way of life. We have more certainty about the virus and a clear line of sight as to how NHS Test and Trace can tackle it – as our second line of defence after hands, face, space. I am hugely grateful to everyone who has helped to bring NHS Test and Trace to this point and who stands ready to take it into the next phase. Roll out of rapid testing to help identify people (around 1 in 3) who have the virus but show no symptomslast_img read more

Coultons launches 800g loaf range aimed at c-stores

first_imgCoultons Bread is launching a range of 800g loaves to help convenience retailers meet demand for private-label bread.The Liverpool-based bakery distributor has created the Sunbake range – and is relaunching its Bakestone line-up – as a lower-cost alternative to the major bread brands.Bakestone is being given a new look, rolling out from this week (6 January), and will be price-marked at £1.05. The existing Bakestone 800g White and 800g Bakestone Brite range will be expanded with the introduction of an 800g Square Topped Wholemeal Sliced Loaf.At the end of this month, Coultons will launch the four-strong Sunbake 800g square top range comprising white and wholemeal loaves in medium and thick versions.Growth in the own-label market had prompted Coultons to develop new products for its core customer base of convenience retailers, explained the business.“The growth in challenger discounters over recent years has disrupted the market and consumer trust in private-label has never been greater as a result,” said Coultons managing director Howard Hunter.“At Coultons we recognise the need to offer the major brands across the market, but we also recognise the need to help close the gap for convenience retailers in offering a lower-cost alternative.”Established in 1987 and operating from six depots, Coultons is a family-owned bakery distributor covering the north of England and North. It distributes major bread brands and own-label bakery items to convenience retail, catering and onward distributors.last_img read more

Ahmet Zappa Fires Back At Dweezil Zappa About His Ongoing Battle With The Zappa Family Trust

first_imgIf you know anything about the state of the Zappa family right now, you probably know its messy. Ahmet Zappa and Dweezil Zappa have been exchanging words publically since 2016, when Rolling Stone detailed the drama amongst Frank Zappa’s children as they fight for control of the Zappa Family Trust following the legendary musician’s death in 1993. Ahmet and Diva Zappa took over control of the trust in 2015 following the death of their mother, Gail Zappa. In the time since, there has been a highly publicized battle between the Zappa Family Trust and Dweezil Zappa, eventually causing Dweezil Zappa’s touring project—then Zappa Plays Zappa—to change its name to Dweezil Zappa Plays Frank Zappa, creating further rifts about merchandising, and inspiring the name of Dweezil’s 2016 Cease And Desist tour.The Late Frank Zappa Will Tour In 2018 As A HologramA few weeks ago, Ahmet and the Zappa Family Trust announced that they were creating a new touring performance featuring hologram performances of Frank Zappa dubbed Frank Zappa – Back On The Road: The Hologram Tour, with the tour starting sometime in 2018. Within this announcement, Ahmet Zappa also queried, “How radical would it be to . . .  to see Dweezil [Zappa] side by side with our father playing dueling guitar solos?,” later noting that seeing Dweezil and Moon Unit performing once again alongside their father “would be my greatest wish.”In response, Dweezil replied to the potential for his participation in the Frank Zappa hologram tour with a resounding no, which was included in a blog post that also outlined the current trademark battle surrounding the name of his touring act. In Dweezil’s post, the guitarist claimed that the Zappa Family Trust was trying to prevent him from using his own name and that it claims that “Dweezil” is a trademarked term that the trust owns.In this latest lengthy response by Ahmet Zappa, Ahmet rebukes Dweezil’s claims within this last blog post, refuting details about the trademark of the name “Dweezil” as well as outlining his perspective on the timelines of communication between the two parties. In this new statement by Ahmet, he also claims that the Zappa Family Trust and Dweezil have set a date for mediation next month. You can read Ahmet Zappa’s recently released statement below.Hey Dweezil and everyone else reading this, I’ve been pretty quiet since you began this negative narrative about me and our family business, but when I heard that you once again went back to our father’s fans for more money or “200%,” I felt the need to speak up.Let me start by saying, I would rather be sitting face to face with Dweezil and figuring things out privately and respectfully–like I think families should do. Frank would have wanted that. That fact has never changed on my end. I have repeatedly said my door is open. The truth is, before Dweezil ever decided to take our UNFINISHED family business public, I asked for a family meeting in February 2016 with our estate attorneys to discuss everything and Dweezil wanted his outside lawyer in attendance. We were fine with that, even though we were confused as to why he felt it necessary to bring an outside attorney. What was important to me was sitting down with my siblings, finding clarity, resolving outstanding issues and having a mutual understanding of our new roles since our mother passed. We went back and forth trying to schedule the meeting between the four siblings and before the meeting was set, Dweezil went to the New York Times with a skewed version of our family business and started this distorted campaign against the ZFT (which is bizarre, since he is one of the four beneficiaries of the ZFT and had no problem recently cashing a check from the trust).For those searching for some better understanding, when Gail passed away, each of us received a significant, identical amount of money, in the millions of dollars. At the same time, the ZFT’s terms (created by Frank and Gail) gave to Dweezil, along with my sisters and myself, money from the ZFT on any Frank Zappa related project. I repeat…ANY FRANK ZAPPA PROJECT. And the percentages were not decided by me, but are legally set forth in the trust. This means that I can’t give money to whomever I choose, but that Diva and I, as co-trustees of the ZFT, MUST follow the rules set forth in the document or we can be held accountable.While I do not want to argue with Dweezil, I am compelled to let you all know again and again that the ZFT has no issue with Dweezil performing under his full name DWEEZIL ZAPPA. The ZFT has never had an issue with it. The ZFT and its lawyers have repeated this to Dweezil and his different lawyers multiple times. For him to say that we have tried to stop him from using Dweezil Zappa is untrue and misleading. Additionally, Dweezil is representing that the ZFT owns rights in the DWEEZIL mark but this is absolutely false. Dweezil owns four U.S. registration marks for DWEEZIL. The first since 1998, originally filed in 1995. You can look up the registrations (2214878, 2214879, 2272497, 2270908). The ZFT owns no DWEEZIL marks and doesn’t want to own any of them. Our family business is about Frank Zappa. Beyond that, this gets into the minutiae of Frank’s trademarks since the 1970s. For me on a personal level, I think it’s disgraceful that Dweezil, a guy who has received millions of dollars, would mislead and manipulate Zappa fans into thinking he cannot afford to handle his own, again in my opinion, completely absurd lawsuit against the ZFT (of which he is a beneficiary), collecting money from many people who may have far less than he does…to fight a battle that if he TRULY wanted to resolve, he could have tried communicating directly with his little brother.Regarding his latest posts about the ZFT lawyers not responding…Dweezil is correct, because I reached out personally instead. What is even more confusing is that Dweezil should be aware that we have a mutually confirmed mediation date to try and settle all of this in early November (a date he chose and which we accommodated, due to Dweezil’s schedule). We wanted to have the mediation in October. So again, I don’t understand all of this drama.To explain further, before his September 29 post, I sent Dweezil an email asking to sit down, walk through everything together and figure it all out one-on-one rather than waiting for the mediation in November. He has still not responded to that note. Through our back and forth (via one of Dweezil’s representatives), whom I also reached out to, I was optimistic that we were making good progress (which I am grateful for). His rep suggested I reach out to Dweezil personally and I did. When I spoke to this same rep the next day, he informed me then that Dweezil would not speak directly to me. So his post from September 29 is once again completely misleading and untrue. On Tuesday, in a new statement on his website, Dweezil asks, “Why haven’t you even replied to the offer?” My question to him, why hasn’t he responded to my personal outreaches so we could talk about the offer? Why won’t he sit down with me instead of continuing the narrative that I am wasting money on lawyers? This is crazy. Dweezil–I have been speaking to your representative and we have been making progress. I have reached out to you directly to sit down with me and discuss not only family business, but whatever is underneath all of this for you AND we have scheduled a mediation hopefully to settle all of this in November. So the need to incite the fans and create this public outrage makes no sense to me since I believe the comments are untrue and consistently misleading, but as the co-trustee and fiduciary my lawyers have advised me I cannot speak to this in depth publically. Let me assure you, it has been beyond frustrating.What everyone needs to understand is that this is not a black and white situation. But it is certainly solvable. I have an emotional responsibility because he is my brother and I care about him–despite what he continues to say publicly about me. But I also have a legal and fiduciary responsibility to do the right thing as a co-trustee of the Zappa Family Trust (along with our sister Diva), a position we never asked for but were given by our mother. And to set the record straight once and for all about Dweezil’s narrative of me or Diva making money, while stopping him from making his–I have not taken one dime for my day to day work as the co-trustee. Neither has Diva. I have the difficult role of honoring what is legally spelled out in the trust, as well as trying to make everyone in our family happy which is really…really hard…apparently.I ask anyone reading this that enjoys speaking up on this family situation to encourage Dweezil to sit down with me once and for all…and by all means wish us well as we navigate and protect the legacy of FZ. Because what I think is obvious common ground is that we both have a passion and love of our father. What I think should be happening is Dweezil should be out kicking ass playing Frank’s music on the road, while we are kicking ass here creating different outlets of our father’s work, both new and unseen for generations current and those to come. Dweezil, this is all a sad waste of time and money…if you really wanted to resolve everything and be part of this family, you’d sit down with me like I have asked. I don’t want to keep doing this in public. Let’s get back to having respect for our family, our father’s legacy and what we have been given…you were raised better than this. And we have a lot of amazing things ahead of us. There are so many things we could be doing together as a family as, I think, our parents would have wanted. We were raised in an epic way and truly wanted for nothing. Considering everything going on in the world today, I feel shame that we are discussing this publically. Again, with communication, these are super easy problems to solve. Your call bro. I am here. You want to resolve everything sooner, I am here. Or you can keep writing blog posts, wasting time and money on lawyers. And then I’ll see you in November.last_img read more