Xining 14 towns villages won the ecological award

reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in the province’s ecological demonstration to create work conference held on the day before, Huangyuan and Pingxiang was named the provincial towns and beautiful environment, Huangyuan Kesuer village, Sun Xiang Cheng Bei Da Bao Zi Zhen Lang Cun, Jingyang Town, Datong village, Harmon Huangzhong Xin Zhuang Zhen Hei Cheng Cun, Cheng Dong Yun home town ZHUJIAZHUANG village 13 village was named the Provincial Ecological Demonstration village.

it is understood that since 2009 to carry out ecological demonstration to create work since our city and promote ecological demonstration to create work, the implementation of the "five five three" (Gaisi, change the water, road, stoves, circle, hardening, purification, greening, lighting, landscaping, clean water, clean homes and clean garden) the comprehensive renovation of rural environment as the main content of the ecological model to create and contiguous rural environment remediation combine to create ecological demonstration as the starting point, to enhance the level of ecological civilization construction. (author: a)

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