Provincial third inspection teams stationed in the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department

According to the unified deployment of the provincial Party committee, the provincial inspection teams stationed in the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial press and publication department of culture, Qinghai daily to carry out special inspections third,

. November 29th, 30 held a mobilization meeting. The third provincial inspection team leader Wu Weisheng made a mobilization speech, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, the provincial press and publication bureau party secretary, director Gao Yufeng, Party Secretary of the Qinghai daily, President Zhang Wei chaired the meeting and made a stand to speak. Li Chunjie, deputy head of the group and all the members of the inspection team to participate in the mobilization of the meeting of the group of.

Wu Weisheng pointed out that in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the overall deployment of strict party discipline, and then start. Inspection is the party to manage the party, an important means of strict party, is the weapon of the country, the party’s edge. Party members and cadres at all levels should firmly adhere to the leadership of the party’s leadership, stand firm, grasp the direction and work together to ensure the effectiveness of inspections.

Wu Weisheng stressed, must unswervingly deepen political inspection, focusing on the leadership of the party, all strictly, improve the political stance, find political bias, serious party political life, strengthen inner-party supervision, in-depth understanding of patrol party organizations and leading cadres to fulfill the strict liability, the party from the full implementation of Party discipline, implement the responsibility of ideology etc. and strive to find and promote the settlement of the weakening of the leadership of the party, the party’s construction, lack of comprehensive strictly ineffective problem. Highlight the key minority, closely linked to the six disciplines, focusing on key people, key issues, key issues, and constantly find problems, the formation of a strong deterrent.

Zhang Ximing said that the special inspection is a powerful measure to fully implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, is also a political examination, it is a spirit of "concentrated calcium", the style of "comprehensive consultation", the work of the "comprehensive test", fully embodies the the Committee of the propaganda and ideological work attach great importance and concern. All Party members and cadres should resolutely implement the inspection requirements, face problems, consciously abide by discipline, to fully cooperate with inspections.

Gao Yufeng said that the special inspection fully reflects the concern and Care Committee of the office of leadership and leading cadres of the party, the Party firmly supported the provincial Office of decisions on the deployment of patrol work, with the full support of the provincial inspection teams work.

Zhang Wei said that the special inspection is a comprehensive review of the work of the Qinghai daily, to carry out a profound understanding of the importance and necessity of the inspection work, and actively accept the supervision and inspection teams, to ensure the inspection work to achieve the desired purpose.


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