The province to carry out the work of the staff to focus on a return visit

, we are on the eighteen years since the punishment of personnel to visit, to understand your previous violation of financial discipline subject to Party discipline awareness, what are the ideological baggage?" "Due to errors in the work was punished, feel uncomfortable at the time, but later figured out, this is their profound lessons, saved us back from the edge of the cliff, thanks to the organization’s concern and help, no burden of thought." This is a shot before the staff of the province discipline inspection personnel to be punished for centralized return.

since June this year, the province’s discipline inspection organs to carry out visits were given party discipline personnel. The provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary Dorje Geltan attaches great importance to this work, conscientiously implement the requirements of the province at all levels of the discipline inspection organs "to carry" policy, take the initiative to do ideological and political work by the disposition of personnel, and turn negative factors into positive.


object to return since eighteen Party’s due to breaches of discipline by discipline inspection organs at all levels and filing for review by the party discipline staff. Return to work in seeking truth from facts, reflect the organization caring principle, focuses on the punishment of their mistakes, understanding learning and working conditions, and the rectification unit where the party organization personnel to be punished, the work of the ideological content of the basic evaluation.

visit, the province’s discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to return a total of 966 people were punished.

according to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the relevant person in charge, the return visit is an important part of the education of Party members, especially punished party members, but also a powerful starting point. To carry out the punishment personnel returning to work, both to maintain the seriousness of the disciplinary regulations, and make people feel punished party love warm, enhanced with the party’s confidence and determination to accelerate the punishment idea transformation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of discipline personnel, enhance the comprehensive effect and discipline and handling of the party and the government cohesive force and charisma, have important significance to promote the party harmony and social stability. At the same time, through the visit, discover and correct discipline review, discipline trial and other problems and shortcomings, to further improve the level of trial work.

visit from the situation, the punishment personnel can correctly recognize their mistakes, take the initiative to accept the organization, objective and comprehensive analysis of their own problems, that is my error caused by the organization to give punishment, should draw lessons to strengthen learning, work hard, take concrete actions to correct the error. Most personnel can be punished with a positive attitude to correctly face the punishment, put down the burden of thinking, confidence, and in their daily work with their profound lessons to warn others, received a "punishment, warning of a" effect.

it is understood that the results of the return visit will be punished by the removal of administrative sanctions, restore the rights of Party members, democratic appraisal, cadre assessment, an important basis for the role of investigation. At the same time, the outstanding performance of the staff, to the unit, the organization department timely feedback notice, does not affect the use of promotion, so that the party’s supervision and punishment and education are;

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