How to open a community supermarket


is indeed a full range of products, rich products, however, after all, it is necessary to achieve a certain amount of traffic will have a super place. So, for many communities, more of a number of community supermarkets. But want to open a good community supermarket, also need us to do more work. So, how to open a community supermarket?

community supermarket is built at home, in the community, in the general area of less than 1000 square meters, the radius of 0.3 square kilometers, to the community as the main target, is a retail trade between supermarkets and convenience stores. Due to the unique "location" advantage, the community supermarket has a unique business advantages and characteristics.

if the small format is just the rise of the new star of the retail industry, community living supermarket is currently a positive momentum in the development of a heavy stock. It originated in the majority of couples grocery stores, with community life, it compared to the convenience store more down to earth, compared to the hypermarket closer to home, small and convenient. However, how to live in the community to live their own style, get rid of the "small hypermarkets" and the old grocery store shadow, do their own STYLE?

supermarket before many friends are gorgeous, ingenuity small boutique supermarket Yetai attracted, but did not realize, not only new things is the only way out of the supermarket trends. Now I believe that local supermarket retail started, know more and pay attention to promoting the development of community and the supermarket, because this format can firmly grasp the local market resident consumers, are more likely to develop good regional brand reputation.

on the other hand, with the rapid rise of online shopping, the pattern of the original format of China’s physical retail stores appeared strong and weak translocation. Department stores and large supermarket these two large stores of the strong position of declining years of rule the roost in the retail sector aura faded. In contrast, the development of community stores, convenience stores is a thriving scene. Community stores, convenience stores to develop better, mainly because of the growing importance of community business and support. Therefore, based on the community’s development trend will be better life supermarket.

, however, this time, you need to find out, your supermarket is not a community life supermarket, there is no real implementation of the format of the form and image.


do convenient, home market?

geographical location of the advantages, convenience, determines the most important feature of the community supermarket, is able to meet the basic needs of the community residents, take the least road to buy the goods needed. The basic needs of life, can produce the best frequency on the purchase of goods, is fresh Vegetable & Fruit. It is most closely related to the lives of community residents

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