Wendeng District a number of entrepreneurial policies in the winter warm up the public

innovation and entrepreneurship boom is surging in the land of China, even in the winter can not extinguish the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. Wendeng District, Weihai launched a number of entrepreneurial policies to help the public, especially the special entrepreneurial groups to achieve entrepreneurial dreams.

with off the public business, innovation boom, Wendeng, unemployed veterans, college students and other groups start showing double type development trend. Wendeng introduced a large number of supportive policies, improve employment and entrepreneurship mechanism, to carry out vocational skills training, providing a variety of employment and entrepreneurship services, and promote the full employment of urban and rural labor.

for unemployed workers, employment difficulties, want to start but suffer from a lack of relevant skills, the District People Club Bureau will be registered unemployed workers enrolled into entrepreneurship training system, regularly organized entrepreneurship training, and through effective measures to ensure the quality of training effect, improve the success rate of employment. Since last year, has organized 21 unemployed workers training courses to meet the training requirements of 1017 people, the employment rate of more than 90% after training.

labor supply and demand will be met for job seekers and employers to set up a two-way platform of choice, is the effective way to promote employment. Since last year, Wendeng has held a large labor supply and demand in the spring meeting, summer college graduates meet supply and demand, key enterprises in Weihai special recruitment and other types of recruitment will be 85 games. Data show that in 2015, Wendeng new urban employment 7196 people, rural labor transfer employment of 4029 people, college graduates overall employment rate of up to 100%, a large number of job seekers to achieve the dream of employment.

to comply with the conditions of "4050" personnel to provide flexible employment, social insurance subsidies, is a benefit of the unemployed people’s livelihood project, it is a "blood transfusion", "blood" and the recipe, only in Wendeng last year for 1732 unemployed personnel to provide flexible employment social security subsidies 4 million 610 thousand yuan. At the same time, the District People Club bureau also earnestly implement the new entrepreneurship policy convergence, for 173 people (1000 yuan / person) issued a one-time business supplement recommended

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