How to deal with the psychological burnout period

is doing the same thing every day, and the intensity of work is not low, a long time, a lot of people will feel very tired, so there will be a period of mental fatigue. In fact, everyone will have a psychological psychological burnout, as a retailer, sit three feet of counter, we face every day of every hue customer is no exception. Just as the body will have a period of fatigue under the high intensity of labor.

but normal will bring some abnormal behavior and even hidden, so we as a retail merchant, if bad temper will give the customer a bad impression, may lead to customer and not buy our account. So how do we adjust their mentality out of the "burnout" period? Today, I would like to ask a few retail friends to talk about what causes the psychological burnout? What is the performance of mental fatigue? To the shop will cause what kind of harm? It is out of the "burnout" with what coup attitude adjustment? Open your heart and talk to each other!

Tanghe Qi county of Henan province

Xiang Hei Qi Lu cigarettes lingshouhu Ding Mingli

shop I have been 10 years, I heard the autumn period of 2014 to widen the road, my shop near the black Qi Road, the road to be widened, to bridge, to the demolition of my shop, that period of time, my heart was old. I shop business began to decline, even the day in the blues, the heart does not want to shop.

always thinking about the future and then change the location of the business will not be good, is not as popular as now. The store of goods fell a thick layer of dust are in no mood to clean the shelf, the husband also complained that reel right and left, I feel like a new person, even their housework is not done, the customer to the store to buy cigarettes if there are no I don’t want to recommend other brands.

one day at noon, at the dinner table, my husband said to me, this time, I found your old temper, my temper, I’ll give you 20 days off, you about your sister took the children to Tongbai shuilian Dong, Xiangfan Gurung, Shizhu mountain, Qi instrument the Mount Wutai in Jiaozuo…… Go on a tour. Listen to the words of her husband, I’m about good sister, to swim in a circle, go out to see the mountains, see the water, see the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, during the course of play, forget the troubles, I feel my heart at ease a lot.


play back, I felt a lot of output, began to devote yourself to business to store the goods to the supplier call to the store, the store counter in the lack of cigarette brand in the customer manager visit the smoke is added, the tobacco companies purchased complete new cigarette. Customers who want to shop can also meet the smoke, the store quickly restored the vitality, I believe that as long as their own good work, where the store moved as hot business!


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