When the customer as God will have more business opportunities

now many operators know though to be polite to customers, to customers as their "God", but when the concrete treatment is often easy to ignore, which is difficult to resonate with consumers, the shop business will naturally have an impact. In fact, if you want to successfully run the business, only when the customer as God, will let the shop has more business opportunities oh.

not long ago, coincides with the school Centennial celebration. In order to increase the festive atmosphere, the leadership decided to give each of the staff to make a suit of about 1500 yuan, the school nearly more than and 200 people, it is also considered a single valuable business. From Busen, Shanshan, Angelo Qipai, such as several well-known brand merchants have come to compete. Leaders in order to respect the wishes and interests of employees, the requirements of the merchants with samples and detailed information on the situation of the staff, and then by the staff scoring assessment, scoring high bidders.

day, Busen, Angelo and other merchants put Qipai "a pair of old style, self potential, discourse, what they say, overbearing" brand known Wurenbuxiao, do not choose the words that is the lack of teachers, lack of aesthetic taste, aesthetic point of view, in other words is childish and ridiculous.

these brands never worry about sales, worried about the general customer can not afford to buy! But today is a good opportunity for the school to pay the teachers, we can be assured that the bold choice, to ensure that the happy. Otherwise choose the wrong moment, regret life! Emotional words, everywhere reveal their pride and overbearing, but invisible to hurt teachers’ self-esteem.

finally Shanshan clothing merchants played, he wore straight straight suit, smiling to say: "dear teacher, thank you for providing this valuable opportunity to dress Shanshan, Shanshan clothing has been keeping pace with the times, adhere to the people-oriented, honest and trustworthy business philosophy. Our clothing color, style is not only to keep up with the tide of the times and diversification, so that customers have a choice. All ages, men and women.

we are also tracking service within three months if the replacement technology of quality problems, if it is man-made damage factors we give you free repair. We will do our best, attentive service, with service, hope for your good love! I hope the teacher to think carefully, carefully put your hands on the sacred vote, thank you!"

Shanshan clothing merchants language propriety properly, be neither humble nor pushy, words have feeling right, all customers for the purpose, the customer would like to think, the words between the lines contained on customer care teachers in the presence of profound sentiments of friendship, warm heart, voice stopped, a prolonged immediately thunderous applause, finally Shanshan dress with absolute votes and win over other several manufacturers.


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