Taobao novice how to shop

Taobao shop on the low cost, the benefits of space, so more and more entrepreneurs are willing to spend a small amount of money on Taobao shop. Although Taobao shop program is not very complicated, but it is very difficult for the novice Taobao. Taobao novice how to shop, please see the following.


A, registered in your Alipay account registered member Taobao Taobao will automatically send you a Alipay account, Taobao successfully registered the lower right corner of the page, the system will provide you with a binding Alipay account, the account name that you registered Taobao email address you can also bind a mailbox as himself Alipay account.

two for Alipay, the real name authentication on Taobao, click the "my Taobao", in the middle of the page "welcome XXX, second in waiting for a long time!" Click here "to sell the baby to Alipay certification, please click here", enter the authentication page, can also log on to your Alipay account, in the "I" of Alipay

page, please click the "unauthorized" prompt, click after entering the certification process if the Taobao Alipay real name authentication, then congratulations, you can shop, just need to release ten baby and keep on-line state of Taobao will give you a free shop.

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