s it really that difficult to open a toy shop

opened a toy shop is really so difficult it, now, all network for analysis. Now everybody simple toy store market is so small? Is it really that difficult to open a toy shop?

2, batch purchase limit. Manufacturers, dealers, or not to meet a few small toy store wholesale business, in fact, there are few toy stores are able to withstand the pressure of goods;

3, manufacturers and dealers for the general speed of product updates faster. Toys for children to buy the characteristics are: no repeat purchase. Therefore, the toy store toys must be updated quickly, in order to have more repeat customers. Every day is the toys, can not attract the attention of children;

4, the lack of guidance to shop toy store. Whether manufacturers or distributors, or relationship with the toy store are simply unable to provide professional supply, shop location, shop professional training in all aspects of the loss calculation, guidance promotional techniques, which led to the development of the toy store market is one of the main factors;


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