Open dessert store location to pay attention to what

shop business is now a lot of people think, entrepreneurship is not so simple, select the market demand in the industry is very necessary, many entrepreneurs chose to open a dessert shop, for many people, all want to love to eat dessert, the market demand is relatively large. Open a dessert shop, do something good to eat, and then choose a good location, will also bring a good business. The following for dessert store location to pay attention to what the problem, to introduce you.

dessert store location should pay attention to what 1, shopping mall shopping mall site

for the old commercial street shops, consumers have developed a fixed consumption habits, large flow of people, the investment will receive immediate return. However, with the expansion of the city after the accelerated pace of smaller shops appreciation. For the new commercial street shops, which requires time accumulation of it, but the new district once formed, its potential value can be reflected, corresponding to the new commercial street people’s consumption habits yet to develop, after the investment cost recovery period is slightly longer.

dessert store location to pay attention to what 2, shopping malls to join the store location

mall store need to pay attention to many problems, but not to pay attention to the market and to connect the main means of transport, internal traffic shopping center is fast, hydropower is convenient. There are shops shopping level, leisure, catering formats, when a good frozen yogurt project selected in the shopping center dining entertainment area. In addition to the mall management level and operating conditions such as flow rate, bag rate, retention time and so on, look at the position of each layer of annual turnover rent etc..

dessert store location should pay attention to what 3, gourmet street franchise store location

in the selection of small food street store must grasp the following points. On both sides of the street choose Xiangyang, not to Yin; in case of cross word selection, do not cross the inlet and outlet; and out of the only set up shop at the corner, on the lower; and turning to set up shop on foot.

dessert store location should pay attention to what the 4, the community to join the store location

residential area is best to have a high occupancy rate, the best of several residential areas together, whether it is upscale community or low community, customers need to bear the rent will not be particularly high. The specific location of the store is the best place to go in and out of the residents, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer walking, generally choose a radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walk range is appropriate.

after watching a small series of reports, everyone for such understanding of the industry should be more, I hope to help you, watching the opening of a dessert stores location should pay attention to what the details of the recommendation

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