Dessert to join the election Qiao Qiao Qiao taste

to say how China’s dessert market? Look at a small set of data to know. According to statistics, China’s dessert sales grew 16 times over the past 5 years, is expected to more than 2017 of more than 15 billion. The donut is popular, its profits also make it quickly became the darling of the dessert industry. Whether it is China’s first-tier cities or two or three line city, Western leisure has gradually become a fast food diet, especially convenient lunch and afternoon tea, the popularity of smart and clever taste as a fashion by healthy people love to donuts is the main leisure snacks brand, has been the most fashionable in Europe the leisure diet culture to consumers.

dessert to join the election Qiao Qiao Qiao taste?

abandoned hundreds of hundreds of thousands of millions of high fees, brought the gospel will undoubtedly appear clever clever nourishing taste for small and medium investors, taste both classic and innovative, mousse, cheese, ice cream flavored doughnuts, not only is the consumer’s choice, but also to create a new market for investors, at the same time bring huge returns, many investors become heart donuts in brand choice! The Qiao Qiao Zi taste Dunkin ‘Donuts snacks domestic brands, the introduction of the concept of DIY, break the doughnut high calorie, high sugar and consistent image, Qiao Qiao Zi flavor to face the unique personality of the show to the majority of partners and consumers.

the best baking process, the core raw materials imported from Japan, authentic American classic donuts formula, fashionable, unique taste, shape change, this is the clever Zi Qiao wei. Refused to follow the trend, to stimulate the personality, to make the leading edge of the market is in the fierce competition in the catering market come to the fore. Allow consumers to experience the taste of American wealth hitherto unknown enthusiasm, come in handy! In a modern society with high efficiency, fast-paced life, so many people are in the high pressure state of fatigue, nourishing taste, Qiao Qiao is effectively taken into account people’s consumption demand: in a closed office busy after a few hours, will a perfect afternoon tea to show people in every corner of the city shuttle.

a freshly baked donuts, thick fragrance with cereal and chocolate, or cheese mousse and light milk, regardless of taste is fine or delicious soft and smooth, make you infinite aftertaste, with secret Black Tea a cup of mellow taste, is the most warm after lunch, a quiet, three Chang ran, very comfortable, so all the year round. This is the time to bring you a pleasant taste.

The above is the

Zi Qiao Qiao flavor dessert brand introduction, if you are on the brand to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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