Home Entrepreneurship multi sectoral linkage to create a good environment for Entrepreneurship

is also China economy better, people’s life has been basically reached a well-off level, but in order to pursue a better life, Chinese development also need to work, more provinces and cities also need to contribute to the development of a year, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship policies need to be put in place real.

"pen, ink, Xuan Xuan paper monopoly and the"scholar’s four jewels", but business is not good. Later, the municipal government organized the provincial business elite, help me to the shop is a new design, we also regularly to counseling, help me through the open shop." Jingxian County Yubao court shop manager Liu Guowu said.

the province some mountain territory due to traffic inconvenience, the territory rich is difficult to become a farmer in his pocket money". Returning migrant workers entrepreneurs not only build a bridge with the outside world, but also to promote the surrounding farmers income. Laibang town of Yuexi County Wang Dong, the former Office of the shop to buy goods at home, because the network signal is not good, seriously affect the business. Since moving to the local government unified built industrial park, rent, storage, computer, broadband, water and electricity for free, you can also enjoy the brand building, marketing promotion, planning, creative and other aspects of the service.


policy on the home business then support migrant farmers so they should pay attention to it, maybe the next one "nouveau riche" is you!



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