nstitute of hospitality to shop business is hot

although there are a lot of shopkeepers know the importance of the customer, however, how to deal with these customers, but they can’t make up their minds. In fact, with the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, want to stand in the competition, only to allow consumers to be satisfied, they feel at ease consumption, we can rest assured to do transactions. Sometimes it seems that the loss of the sale, but in exchange for long-term customer recognition and good reputation. Shop management, must first learn to hospitality, to do business again.

intimate service to win customers

often have into the store for the traveler, they may not have shopping intention, as the owner of the shop or on the sidelines, we in the time allowed, to actively help.

some time ago, an elderly couple came to my store, carrying a large bag of luggage, said to visit an old friend of the local, I do not know the details of their residence. I have carefully specified places for them, as they want to get out of the shop, outside and suddenly began to rain, the rain did not stop, it is not long, the husband also idle in the store.

I said to them: "it is not too early, the rain can not stop for a moment, let my husband drive you a ride!" The couple of gratitude and said: "good! I don’t know how to thank you!" Husband to the couple successfully delivered to the destination, driving a few minutes. Shop these years, such a thing often encountered. It is easy for us.

for those we send customers, and customers to ask for directions, and we had to shop in the heart. When the old couple came to visit old friends, will come to buy gifts from my shop. Although the nearby supermarket everywhere, they still like to visit my supermarket, to become my store’s most loyal old customers.

gold silver cup as customer’s good reputation

shop hundreds of specifications of goods, there are a lot of fragile items, such as eggs, glass products, etc., will be damaged if not careful. If the owner under our eyes, we cannot turn a blind eye, more can not stand, must actively cooperate with the customer to give comfort, and losses to the bottom.

, a young man riding a motorcycle to a cigarette a pack of beer, just riding a motorcycle on, put in the bosom before beer fell off, seeing a few bottles of wine wine broke down, a beer. I quickly went to comfort the young man, said to be able to replace him with a new package of beer, which is not broken beer I can open retail. This makes the young man feel particularly unexpected, had to make up the difference in the number of broken bottles of beer, the accident finally satisfied with the end of the two sides.

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