Benefits workers to help migrant workers to return home when the boss

download it all over to help business activities of migrant workers in recent days, precious, in order to attract more migrant workers returning home for business, have launched a number of preferential lending policies, in order to promote the migrant workers entrepreneurship.

It is reported that the amount of

discount, standard is mainly based on the current business model tailored to Guizhou migrant workers. In the business model enterprise screening, trade unions at all levels also prospect, on the recommendation of enterprise labor is standard for evaluation, for those with a leading role, in line with the current development of Guizhou enterprises to give priority to the actual. In the use of funds issued a strict inspection system, enterprises must establish accounting business model using subsidized funds, all for his way, found that the cancellation of qualification discount.

Real Zhaoban practical

"Huigong – ‘let us see the hope of entrepreneurship." Returning home for two years, Tongren farmer entrepreneur Tian Zhou on the workers daily reporter, said, if the project funds return quickly, can be more appropriate loans. But if the business involved in agriculture, aquaculture and other slow recovery projects, or steady good."

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