What is the new method of choosing a coffee shop

What is the new method of

coffee shop? Followed by the coffee shop in the development prospects of the market in China, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce, the location of the method which is it, hoping to help you on the road to entrepreneurship.

location has been the first problem of the entrepreneurs, with the development of the catering industry, select the store location is the key to the shop, but with the catering industry to join the "three high and one low" trend, and the rise of mobile Internet, a lot of food and beverage brands began to escape from lots of gold, to seek a new way, the principle of location of restaurant is changed in particular, coffee stores, food and beverage industry as a special industry, under the impact of the mobile Internet, on the site, showing more new possible.

The development of

The first is

now is the fire circle, lots of light business model. The advantages of first-class business district is obvious, convenient transportation, convenient parking, with a huge flow of people. On this basis, you can choose a relatively minor area, such as our common values, in the underground McDonald’s, second-class areas while lost some traffic, but the rent is also greatly reduced, this strategy can greatly reduce costs, enhance the anti risk ability of the coffee shop,

? Through the above site selection method, do you have some understanding of the content of the project? Believe in your vision, easy to operate can make money a good project, look forward to your joining.

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