Small business owners to the security counter attack

a lot of things are not easily won, from small to large, from less to more, step by step, gradually expanding steadily, success is even more so, below, let us together into the small enterprise security to the big boss of the big life!

veterans when security monthly income is only 700 yuan

years old, high school does not read Chen Daoxing from Henan Shangqiu home into the army, the army was at that time, the village began as a step into a bright road. Life in the army is more boring than the average person. "An average of only two hours a week can get out of the army, only half an hour to watch the news every day, the rest of the time without a task, to find their own things to do." Although Chen Daoxing was born a peasant family, is fond of reading, one time, he went to the bookstore to buy some military run, inspirational book. In 2003, Chen Daoxing in a battle as a result of SARS, due to the good performance of the three.

Security shop when the boss for two years to earn 100 thousand

and other security guards is different, Chen Daoxing in the Milky way area as a security guard, but also pay special attention to the surrounding shops. Tianhe area to the majority of clothing stores, Chen Daoxing patrol, but also for these shops for a visit. After work, when other security colleagues are going to play games, but Chen Daoxing to the clothing wholesale market to study, also read a lot of books to supplement business knowledge, Bill · Gates, workers Tang Jun’s biography, "Rich Dad Poor Dad", "who moved my cheese", "by Garcia a letter" and other inspirational book, Chen Dao is the star of love reading. He noted that the same design, the wholesale price is also 10 yuan a few clothes, 20 a few dollars a sell only in Xian Village area, and in the Grandview plaza area was sold for forty or fifty yuan. He was thinking that people working in Tianhe City area, will not necessarily come here to spend.

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