Thousands of people how to start a second year students of assets up to 800 thousand

      how can thousands of people start a business? Some people have asked me, I did not say anything, I know that I have nothing to say, this era of competition everywhere, I can only do it, it is qualified to answer is not it? It comes from a second day student who told us about his actions. Thousands of dollars to start an undertaking, look at the history of his career, if you and I have the same feeling! Who is only thousands of dollars you desire if entrepreneurship has been unable to control, then you have to look at


      days ago, this newspaper has reported to the venture and a year off, the boss of junior school students the city Cheng Cheng (a pseudonym) to return to his alma mater, and donated 20 thousand yuan in cash to the school set up scholarships earmarked for special students. He said that the next year will be injected into the scholarship 20 thousand yuan in cash. In this regard, experts believe that the wise decision to develop students’ interest, while the student boss is just a geek, not worthy of emulation.

      thousands of pieces of how to start a business assets of up to 800 thousand

      last September, into the city by information network can not be successfully completed the first two days of school, the school advised him to repeat. At this time, into the city to the teacher: think of the community to start their own game website. To this end, the school principals and the city into a special communication, but he insisted on his decision. Finally, President ng and into the city signed a gentleman’s agreement: give him a year for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, physical exercise during the day, after the success of timely return to society, if unsuccessful, studies should continue to go back to school to finish junior high school after a year. Due to the legal requirements of the legal age has not yet become a city with his father’s name registered his network company.

      now Cheng Cheng not only founded a network company, also employs more than 20 college students, the company’s fixed assets has reached 800 thousand yuan. Cheng Cheng said, because the business cost is high, half a year before Shanghai, his company moved to Jiangsu city in Wuxi Province, and hire a graduated from China Normal University, Donghua University computer students as employees, in addition, the company also hired more than 10 part-time technician, which help a part-time worker himself in charge of the development of technology has been done the director of the office. The city back to Shanghai, and apply for the registration of another company, specializing in marketing, research and development firewall.

      thousands of pieces of how entrepreneurship? Every day do not forget gentleman agreement

      Cheng Cheng, although out of business, but the school teachers are very concerned about him. That requires a computer programming of English is very high, principal Wu to ask where the English teaching level is high, to the understanding of a Canadian Cooperative English teaching level is high, principal Wu immediately into the city to make a phone call, let go into the city.

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