Network marketing bucket mind five kinds of misunderstanding you recognize it

network marketing is a hot topic, many promotion personnel the hearts of the meat and potatoes, once done, branding website traffic is every minute thing, but in the face of the experience to share with you, as a webmaster we are easily misled, the author himself is dumb say not only. Some say things can only rely on their own accumulated slowly. But for some of the common mistakes and errors, I would like to suggest a few words.

network marketing resources integration is not all

network marketing will come to think of what is right is the integration of resources, integration of resources, such a high frequency vocabulary can always be in some QQ group, paste it in the forum or even when the recruitment. The history of this nonsense things said easily, but the actual operation how, I think no one can give an accurate positioning. Because we are the grass, we are not marketing tycoon, we can not integrate the operational resources to the level of an actual operation, perhaps only millet, apple this technology company will deliver more resources into their own use.

In fact,

for small businesses or grassroots groups, because the characteristics of the product itself is not the same, we finally choose the promotion method is various, the integration of resources like at first you mentioned will involve micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, blog promotion, although can be used as a part of marketing, but the location is not the same. Micro-blog is mostly used for brand building, and WeChat is an online real-time communication platform, as the blog marketing is more like a solid user and precipitation process, but the effect is not as good as before. These resources can be used together, but we have to be honest there is a time limit, not business people, in the actual operation, many enterprises will choose a most effective way of publicity and promotion, and not all regardless of the consequence, at least from our perspective on the number of customers, the most contribution on the Taobao platform, the amount of the order, also is Baidu bidding.

bidding promotion is not all

network marketing

no matter what the company’s bidding, in the opinion of the author are costly efforts to live "". You do everything possible to think about the time period and key words set, but the money in the account will be unbridled crazy brush off. If you are a good optimization field, is a good for tuiguangyuan, you also can not guarantee that you will pay the money and the effect is proportional to the time, some Baidu for bringing the hustle and bustle are specious.

said a simple example, I have a friend is to do wholesale tiles. His company also made Baidu bid and Ali mother two places in the early stage, from visiting the traffic point of view, Baidu is the victory of Ali, but at the end of the summary was found under the single transformation of most from a Alibaba, why? The reason is very simple, in the Baidu up flow though, but the relative more complex, but much less about orders, but are basically small orders, but Alibaba.

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