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has used a variety of contact website promotion promotion, but because of his personal reasons, some effect is not very good, a chance, he set up a blog system, then do not care about the flow of the blog, every day is not a lot of people to reprint articles, then the blog as their every day to meet good, what is the truth, the heart everything he said to the man I know, day in and day out, things will be more and more, and also attracted many strangers visiting. Later, I see the amount of visits so objective, I facilitate the use of blog.

just started to use blog just send articles, articles about moving information in some articles directly to the matter, every day is not what traffic, then I change method of writing is not alone, but the contents of the article, and the internal connection also added, the most important thing is the blog, has a direct impact on the traffic, a good blog you don’t need to publicize others naturally comes back to you, then, I will write blog in each reference news (moving dynamic, look at the people most concerned about things. Then I the thing began to publish their own articles. And in writing some articles by the way to add more detailed connection.


, I applied the blog subscription, your article at a glance, and can watch others famous articles, on the contrary, others also to me this visit, a blog that, although not malicious to do flow, but people are still very much a day visit.

through this blog promotion, I summed up a few points: 1. Content, two, connection, three, seek truth from facts, do not have to get. Four, insist on writing blog every day.

is my own some of the small feelings and summary, for the future Bowen promotion if there is a new experience to share with you.

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