New mode of profit the network operator to do physical products

as everyone knows, as we grassroots webmaster occupation especially grass-roots webmaster, the basic profit model is divided into two kinds, one is by extension to optimize your web site, and then hang up on the website advertisement alliance ad code, by netizens ad clicks to get the Commission, there is a website for others, by selling their technology and labor remuneration. Of course, these two modes have many master very cattle, but the master will have only a few, for most of the webmaster webmaster speaking about their life will be central force weary feeling, hard to do promotion, will have to see the Baidu face, hard to do a website, but install grandson on the client before it’s the site is at best IT blue collar, sell is labor, earning money is hard.

is more serious, with the increase of state management, personal station is becoming increasingly high barriers, as personal webmaster of the living space has become more and more small, the grassroots webmaster increasingly feel the pressure of survival. More and more individual owners opt out of business owners, to find another way.

is personal webmaster really no way to go? I think not, because we are not the webmaster Nothing is right., personal webmaster outlet should start from their own advantages, we have what advantage, I think our biggest advantage is that the network master, and the web is a product promotion the traditional industry is very important to the promotion channels, we can use this point, put yourself in the process of SEO website learned, do network promotion for the enterprise products.

some enterprises also have their own network of sales team, but their staff are mostly computer or electronic commerce graduate students, on the website and search engine is unable to understand compared with senior webmaster webmaster, only know what kind of website is practical, only know how to let the webmaster website for more users click, only Adsense to know how to use the least money or no money, get the best promotion effect.

it may be said that this does not seem fresh, do SEO for enterprise has been one of the main business owners, but here I wasn’t about to do business SEO, but the product sales for the enterprise.

what’s the difference? The difference lies in that the former is for enterprise website promotion, website contact is the enterprise itself, even if there is customer contact with customers directly, we do not have what relation, we earn a SEO for enterprise hard costs. But as the company’s product sales staff, we are promoting their own web site, the contact is the webmaster website. We earn the product sales commission.

is the webmaster will have this experience, promotion website and others to promote their site is not the same feeling, because the promotion effect will directly determine our income, so we can fully mobilize the enthusiasm for work, get the best promotion effect.

for example: shortly after

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