Guizhou Communication Bureau Peking University students stabbed officials purely rumors

China all search engines to shield the Peking University Students Entrepreneurship this keyword

recently circulated on the Internet, a network of posts, called the North University Students’ Entrepreneurship registration website is not successful, with the sword of the Guizhou Provincial Communications Administration Cadres Liu killed. The rumor packed into the news form, but also hit a domestic electric media, spread widely among the forum. Yesterday, the Guizhou Provincial Communications Authority in its official statement rumor, the information is a fake news release, "I hereby solemnly declare the news bureau, the information content of no matter, is purely rumor."

net post titled "Peking University students do their entrepreneurial website for the record by making, knife death communications administration officials" said that the 09 Peking University undergraduate computer college graduates Wang hometown Zunyi venture, opened children’s education training site, but the site did not pass the record, was ordered to shut down. Wang submitted three consecutive filing failed to pass. In two months of unsuccessful case approval, Wang lost mind, stabbed to death responsible for filing for approval of cadres.

the net post packaging into the news body has a certain degree of confusion, but also coincides with the recent policy does not require the Ministry of the site is not closed, the results of the success of some users deceived. 21, users found that Baidu search engine has China all shielding "Peking University Students Entrepreneurship" the word, can’t find out any results.

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