When we talked about buying a year ago what was Wu Bo thinking

Wu Bo is the founder of the handle network. The latest rumor about him is: has left, handle network is controlled by investors. If true, this will be Chinese venture capital industry together entrepreneurs and investors fall apart case. Buy industry over the past two years in China’s development is like a roller coaster, while the handle network seems to be a microcosm of this craze. This article is based on the 2011 Wu Bo at Tsinghua University, a speech finishing, time is now nearly 2 years. 2 years ago, Wu Bo how to think, may be helpful for us to observe today’s group buying industry.

enterprise pay attention to natural, and are indispensable. In our view, there are no losers. We also wish Wu and his new wave.


oral | handle network founder Wu Bo writing | Zhu Feng

entrepreneurs are the most important, money is

China’s Internet in the fledgling state, when you do a good job, you will be under pressure. Internet four family when used to the emperor, there is a big, good industry, they want to immediately shot. Wait for you to take this industry just to do it, the four families also want to enter. For example, we all know that the happy network to steal food is very good, but there will be a fire to steal food out. So, the reality is cruel.

so, in such a harsh environment in China, financing as soon as possible. In the absence of a larger Internet Co to come in and take your market, as far as possible to get enough of your resources, so even if it came in, you do not have to fear. Not only is my family to do so, just listed Youku example can be used as reference. When Zhang Zhaoyang wanted to do video, Youku has been nearly 50 million, it doesn’t have to worry. This is why the final Youku will become the industry leader.

has a very important entrepreneurial experience is, must be happy. I am particularly opposed to the kind of death spell, do not get wages, as long as the fight to fight 3 months, 6 months to win. This is certainly not. 3 months of trouble on the 1 year, a bad month for 6 years on the 3. So try to relieve yourself. It is better to be in a state of worry and worry, and this is the best state of mind. How can we have a good mentality?. Entrepreneurs are the most important, the first thing to do is to take the money. Do the best Internet Co in China, is money. So you want to start a business, if you can melt into the money, you come out again; if not, you do not rush to do.


we handle the network itself is to do the application, do buy, the rapid development of the market itself. From last year (2010) until the beginning of the year until now, just 9 months time, almost a few hundred million to one billion of sales in March. Through a number of activities to the project, the company’s development

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