Gu Yongqiang the next ten years issued content realized will be subverted

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Alibaba big entertainment after a series of personnel changes section. 60 after Gu Yongqiang backstage, 70 after Yu Yongfu took the stage before the full helm Ali entertainment.

December 8th was a special day for Victor koo. November 8, 2010, Youku listed on the nyse. This year is the six anniversary of Youku listed. April 2016, Youku delisting, return to china. On December 8th, "the veteran" Koo shared his experience in the entertainment industry for ten years in the fourth session of the conference on network audio-visual.

Internet with cultural and entertainment has gone through ten years, if the video is the first year of 2006, then according to the year of 2015 is just a matter of time, so the network is also a year of audio-visual time of ten years. Youku potatoes was founded in 2005 with the development of the industry continues to evolve, now 11 years old.

Gu Yongqiang in the past ten years, summed up the view that the industry is from the issue, from the production, from the realization of the various latitudes are constantly upgrading. From a single screen to multi screen, content distribution was completely subversive, and now is the era of multi screen."

but he believes that the content is still on the road. From the production point of view, 09, 10 years, the first micro film, drama, network integration, to the back of the big production era, may go for a period of five years. If the realization of the angle may be shorter, probably two or three years. So all the changes in the industry on the road. The first ten years have indeed seen changes in the behavior of the industry all over China and the world, the user to see the content habits, ways are changing.

"the next ten years, the new audio-visual what can we see? Our ability to play what?" "Gu Yongqiang reflection, distribution, content, cash will be overturned, if the first ten years inside the issue was overturned, in fact, content and realization are still on the road, in fact I have foreseen is the next ten years, the new audio-visual network will be more exciting, the change will be greater, more thorough subversion. There are many opportunities, there are many challenges, there are many responsibilities."

from the perspective of the issue of the group’s unity, there is a single screen from the beginning of the multi screen to now no screen era.

the last two years of virtual reality, we talked about strengthening the reality, mixed reality, we believe that these will be in the next ten years a show, when the world with some big data, artificial intelligence and so on aspects of cloud computing, the core technology, so produced a new entertainment experience for users. Now I can say is probably never thought, here can have you on the road, in the office, at home, it can realize any scene, to experience the 360 degree angle, low 3D, all are possible."

Gu Yongqiang believes that the next ten years, two years before the O2O, the so-called Online to Offline, if five or six years ago, there are a lot of students network business, our future is not divided into so-called online and offline, we will see fusion >

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