The domestic DC industry in the country gradually formed the standard industrial chain crackdown

after 08 Olympic Games after 09 years, the government has launched a boycott vulgar wind nationwide large-scale network attack activity, the IDC industry will be affected, many IDC companies because of part of the server site, no record of vulgar content leads to the server will be closed, and even the whole room was this consolidation, in twelve access to business briefing, eleven are under the China Telecom, part of telecom related leadership has been suspended and internal disciplinary warning.

have to IDC events, industry practitioners and IDC companies sounded the alarm, there are certain rules of the game industry, the operation that is in the national policy under the premise, the premise that if not satisfied or investment as early as possible to transfer to other industries, so as not to lose everything, even greater losses to more webmaster, this is the the owners do not want to see. Here are some suggestions for the existing IDC:

, a national record, the next step is certainly the focus of rectification for the record, whether it is to do good or to do independent virtual host server or not, must strictly do the work for the record, do not have luck, mistakenly believe that the individual website there is no record of what no big problem, often is these small problems lead to difficult to clean up the situation. It is also responsible for other users and webmaster friends, each of you a little strict, to reduce the risk of other users will be a little.

two, CA Bianqiu site issues, before contact with some IDC friend said, the local cultural bureau supervisor ah, ah, all through, no problem, edge ball website, do it, close your eyes. Indeed, in today’s society, money can do some things, but don’t forget, the relationship between the nature of what is, for the IDC company, it might be called a bribe, for those office workers, that is dereliction of duty. Money is in a certain range of relationships to bring convenience to the IDC company, but in the country’s strong policy, I think that little bit of right sooner or later to come in handy, it can not be any umbrella. So, still standing in the user’s point of view to think about other law, not a bad mouse droppings gruel, really to a day, users who are innocent, they benefit the who to pay, as the IDC, your sense of responsibility where? This is your finger.


and telecom access business cooperation, the twelve telecom service access business problems, of which eleven is the branch company of China Telecom, the next step will be the introduction of relevant measures for Telecom, according to reliable sources, the source is not convenient to disclose, in the future do not have ISP and ICP qualified companies, business is not then the. Even if you are eligible to access the business, will also introduce credit registration measures, and the credibility of the registration will be like the bank’s personal reputation system, the same treatment in the National Telecom branch. If you still want to continue to eat rice IDC industry, we still have to think about it. Think about what your company will do next

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