CNNC related to the Yellow domain half closed 13 thousand cases

news (reporter Zhang Yi) domain name rectification campaign into the climax, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced yesterday, as of December 28th, the center has been suspended to resolve 13175 cases of bad web domain name. Since the ministry requires all sites are required for the record, CNNIC requires its domain name registration agents submitted for the record. In this regard, there is a domain name registration agency suggested that the personal forum closed, because the possibility of a record is very small".

it is understood that the current CNNIC in its registered 13 million 680 thousand CN domain name for manual verification, a total of 2 million 40 thousand domain names have been checked to verify the obscene vulgar site domain name of 2618.

in addition to the domain name rectification, CNNIC also began to regulate the middle reaches of the domain name registration agency. Recently, the domain name registry Xinwanghulian, business Chinese and new network have to name domain name registration agency issued a notice that all agents are required to be filed in CNNIC, confirmed that it has the following three qualifications: hold the "People’s Republic of China telecommunications and information services business license", and by the Ministry of the record company. Organization code certificate or business license. Otherwise, since January 1, 2010, the record of the agency will not be able to register the domain name.

it is reported that Connaught network and other domain name registration agencies have been directly related to the requirements of the record to make an explanation, saying that all the personal forum recommended to close, because the possibility of a record is very small".

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