Moutai told the 1919 network low dumping the law is a bit difficult to win

is a wine enterprises of liquor electricity supplier is denounced the liquor industry fermentation.

November 5th, a Tmall from the official list of the most explosive 11 double list in the liquor industry spread. The list shows that 53 degrees flying Moutai panic buying price 699 yuan / bottle, 52 degrees Wuliangye 499 yuan / bottle, Jiannanchun class collection 52 degrees 359 yuan / bottle. The most famous ex factory price below.

was in an uproar of major wineries. Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun wine factory have issued an official statement said the opposition, in order to express their dissatisfaction, a "crusade" which quickly broke out.

in the near future, there is an electricity supplier platform to lower than the ex factory price of the sale of Guizhou Moutai wine, part of the electricity supplier platform for low-cost sales behavior, we are through the relevant departments according to law rights." In November 6th, a subsidiary of Moutai group Moutai liquor (Guizhou Renhuai) marketing limited release as "consumer warning announcement.

days later, Sichuan 1919 liquor supply chain management Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "1919") has become the Moutai group, according to the law, the first goal.

1919 was accused of dumping

1919 company received notification of the Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, Guizhou Moutai complaints to the Sichuan trade and Industry Bureau of the company’s low price dumping 53 degrees Moutai flying, requiring the company to investigate the trade and Industry Bureau of Sichuan province 1919." At a distance of only 6 double 11 hour, 1919 suddenly announced that.

this Law Weekend reporter called the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Commerce and industry to understand the progress of the investigation, but as of press time has not yet been answered.

"at present, we have commissioned the Sichuan yuan public law firm to deal with. We are actively working with the trade and Industry Bureau to provide relevant written materials." A Du 1919 internal staff told reporters the weekend rule. The company has always been willing to accept the supervision of national laws, according to law." 1919 at the same time in the announcement issued.

Ling Jiang

rule Weekend reporter contact 1919 Chairman Yang to understand the situation, but the other said temporarily convenient voice, and arrange the 1919 Communication Department Zhao Jincong was interviewed by a reporter weekend rule.

"this pricing is based on the needs of Tmall’s proposal as well as our own costs, whether we can through a certain amount of market share to determine the occupation of the integrated factors. Of course, price is also affected by external factors, others (other liquor electricity supplier) are 699 yuan (per bottle), we set 999 yuan (bottle), is definitely not sell." Zhao Jincong explains.

and Moutai sales company official recently said publicly: "the electrical behavior of the serious damage to the product sales of the main interests of dealers, with serious lower than the ex factory price of the so-called low prices to attract the attention of everyone for themselves make so-called flow. The market price of the product shall be

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