March deal with phishing sites 397 non CN domain name of up to 1396

IDC Review Network ( 04, reported on the 1st: Recently, China’s anti phishing site Alliance announced the March 2014 phishing site processing briefing. According to the report, in March, the union handled a total of 1411 phishing sites, as of 2014, March, the Federation identified and dealt with phishing sites in 171614. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the March phishing site processing.

(1) phishing site report source

March report of the number of members of the association of phishing sites accounted for 34.37% of the total number of reports. The number of phishing sites accounted for 61.23% of the processing capacity in March by the network of bad and spam reporting center received. The proportion of an upward trend since last month.

(2) phishing sites in March the distribution of counterfeit objects

March received reports from the fishing site, involving Hunan satellite TV, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Taobao, CCTV four units accounted for the total amount of phishing sites accounted for 86.53%. Among them, phishing sites phishing phishing sites in Hunan phishing first.

(3) phishing sites related to the distribution of the industry

March phishing sites involved in the industry’s top three, respectively, for the media, financial and securities, payment transactions, accounting for about 97.51% of total processing. Among them, the number of media class phishing sites accounted for the highest total processing this month, accounting for 40.82% of the total processing this month.

(4) March phishing domain name distribution

CN domain name and non CN domain phishing sites:

March involving CN domain name of the number of fishing report 15, accounting for the total number of phishing sites this month to deal with the total of 1.06%. CN domain name of the strict implementation of the real name system and continuous improvement, making the number of phishing sites involving CN domain has been maintained at a lower proportion.

March deal with non CN domain phishing sites reached 1396. Details are as follows:

(5) phishing domain name in the top domain distribution

in March using.COM,.TK,.NET and.ORG domain number of phishing sites accounted for 92.06% of the total monthly processing. Among them, the COM domain name of phishing sites accounted for the proportion of the total number of phishing sites in the first place. This month to deal with phishing sites,.US,.INFO and other non popular domain names have increased the number of phishing sites, respectively, accounted for 0.71% of the total monthly processing and 0.64%.

(6) phishing domain name refers to the Registrar

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