To pull so large scale advertising can play a role to attract customers

" as the saying goes, dirt more healthy, " now the ad with the connotation of scripts had not what strange thing.

When it comes to

" " and " and advertising; content of " piece, we first think of Durex that ad –

isolation is healthy.

different feeling.

don’t stick to the light. (singles ads)

more than happy. (Tanabata Festival AD)


a lot of brands to attract consumers, also have to follow the Xiaodu Du, embarked on the road of " " pollution. However, for these products to write " scripts, " pollution; are not directly associated with the brand. This can not help but think, blindly use connotation of advertising to suction eye, really useful?

exactly how the results, only to know. Here we look at a few " dirty " advertising bar.

1 boutique vocal class (Mexico)

creative company: Juá rez ad agency


copywriter: Mexico vocal music class, the gathering place of music lovers.

plum flowers want to say, this copy is quite pure, but the poster girl…… It’s so sexy too!

elegant music can also play this little flower is not quite understand.

2 Taiwan recruitment advertisement

creative company: Rules Creative


female version of the text: the first flow to whom is more important than the flow of



male version of the text: the first shot with who is more important than shooting!

first glance thought it was a small Doudou brother brand, look carefully, is actually a recruitment advertisement…… Although the ad would like to emphasize " to look for a job can be called the first time the life of the important " the theme of the new advertising, to see such advertising, you will apply for it?

3 Panama coffee

creative company: Zaga DDB


copywriter: the best way to wake you up in the morning.


advertising poster, very mysterious. Well, don’t ask what the meaning is…… Plum flowers need to drink a cup of coffee gabrielle.


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