Special action to combat nternet piracy will restart

is a rapid spread of the Internet, on the one hand, the network transmission of information more convenient, China government, domestic and foreign well-known software vendors and a lot of people enjoy copyright, heavy-hearted problems brought by the network communication on piracy and copyright protection. Liu Binjie, director of the National Copyright Administration yesterday in the 2007 international copyright Forum revealed that this year, China will continue to carry out special action to combat Internet piracy as the focus.

Liu Binjie, in a recent special action in the relevant departments to investigate the network infringement cases 608, closed more than 280 illegal websites, confiscated 110 servers, effectively curb the spread of Internet piracy. In the second half, the national copyright administration will continue to work with the Public Security Bureau, the Ministry of information industry to carry out special actions to combat Internet piracy as the focus, according to the law to crack down on domestic Internet piracy operations.

he also said that in addition to the action, the State Copyright Bureau will also take other measures to stop infringement of intellectual property rights, including the improvement of the copyright system, intermediary and social services to cultivate the copyright industry demonstration enterprises, improve the ability of independent innovation of enterprises, perseverance to carry out publicity and education work, vigorously develop the innovative culture and cultivation conducive to innovation culture, make full use of digital technology, strengthen copyright protection, strengthen the international copyright cooperation and other measures. At the same time, the national copyright administration is also building a network of anti piracy supervision platform.


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