Free encounter two kinds of immoral webmaster

Most of the

use after free software service station, are loudly applauded. Because the speed is really fast, the machine is placed in the room where the government cooperation, more than a dozen cabinets are empty, only one cabinet is full, and put a lot of them are some government servers. The traffic of these servers as we all know, there is no traffic. So the free. User accounts for the entire room, how will not speed fast, how will the owners do not applaud


also has a number of webmaster attacks and slander for free, if a careful analysis of the webmaster, can these immoral owners into three kinds of people:

first class: attack authentication process free of charge can not do half a year will die


‘s free registration, must be authenticated, asked to upload a photo ID and photos of life, to do so is to implement the legal responsibility, in case you do illegal things, the police can catch you, rather than looking for us.

for the majority of legitimate owners, is completely fit. However, there is also a small part of the webmaster, or have an ulterior motive "for our strong protest, or fawning, in short 24 hours a day will haunt you on QQ.

in fact, he has the time and energy, not 1 hours, you can upload photos; why spend several times the energy so entangled? Obviously, these owners in order to "do porn station, Liuhe color.. do..". When we turned them down, they said, "you can’t do it for half a year".

, in fact, a lot of free hosting, ultimately is not dead in the economy, but died in by the police was above, and die to nothing wrong, a lot of the Liuhe lottery website, with their server. Free hosting network, strict authentication, legal responsibility to the head of each station. This approach is the longest.

a lot of rules, the Communist Party is set, not free.

in fact, we review a webmaster cost is also high. The first telephone charges $1 an average of money. Every day, every customer service salary and other expenses cost is $100; according to the calculation of 8 hours of work per hour, only 6 owners audit. The average wage costs $2; that is to say, each station audit cost is $3.

we are also dissatisfied with these policies, but we will strictly follow these policies to do.

on the contrary, if we cancel the authentication program, then I am afraid that the real "half a year on the collapse of".

2 ad free host who will use: not half a year will die

part of the selfish and narrow webmaster, mouth inside the words are particularly large, they attack mainly for free advertising. In fact, free of charge mode, is the use of high-speed server to exchange webmaster >

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