Tencent and Kingsoft dictionary upgrade to steal each site

pcpop.com information channel October 21st desktop client is never a lack of excitement, after Kingsoft version of 2010Beta3 integrated IM, Tencent has launched online translation software products QQ dictionary 1.0Bata3 version. The two sides staged a mutual grab drama.

recently, the Tencent in the "new products" in the book "quietly launched online translation software QQ dictionary 1.0Bata3, the main light, small, fast style line, and one by one as characteristics of products in the word search word, boot settings, interface display, text input, cultural translation etc..

in addition, in the "new product" Encyclopedia ", also includes the Tencent’s QQ browser, QQ input method software, soso laboratory, QQ webQQ, Silverlight mobile phone music software, QQ and other variety of new products.

last week launched PowerWord integrated, including chat logs, community and other functions of IM new product PowerWord 2010Beta3, this product from function to appearance, is refers to the imitation of the Tencent’s IM products QQ. More netizens are not optimistic about the Jinshan borrow translation software to enter the field of IM approach, called the "grave".

did not expect PowerWord new product heat disappeared, Tencent will launch a military counter, online translation software QQ dictionary 1.0Bata3. Some netizens joked, both sides get involved in other field acts like "ants to elephants legs, was mercilessly kicked the elephant".

had some analysts said the defective market strategy PowerWord, called the integrated IM function instead of a thankless task, the pursuit of a single product "big and complete", do a bloated and slow, will only have to account for a large number of system resources, and finally lead to resentment users. But in this handy Tencent flagship product, perhaps more for some user’s appetite.

Tencent has always been famous for its product line, which includes IM, e-commerce, input method software, security software, browser, search engine, music and video player and other fields. More recently launched webQQ, QQ reader, QQ software housekeeper and other products. It also caused many competitors to join forces to protest.

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