Where are you hungry nventory of those words and their brand names

renamed China (eName.cn) January 23rd hearing, hungry to raise $350 million, $1 billion valuation; guess what online users exceeded 200 thousand; in January, Ali pushed the flower chanting, by merchants and user support. More and more terminals in the name, all eyes turned to the name with the tone of the word, affected by the tone of the word domain name has received more and more domain name investors, now we have to take stock of the terminal using modal words and their domain name.

in the known where to go, Ali to ah, hungry Mody, guess what 7 words used to name the tone of the brand, there are 5 to enable the domain name on the line. Among them, where (qunar.com), hungry (ele.me), raise ah (choua.cn) 3 is the use of the brand Pinyin domain name, a guess is the opening of the digital domain name 45.com, Ali to ah is the combination of creative domain alitrip.com.

where to go and qunar.com

figure: where to go

said that use modalparticles terminal, first launched a non online travel site where none. Established in 2005, where, after nearly ten years of development, has become a well-known domestic online travel website, in the fierce competition, and the successors constantly online tourism have a space for one person neutral. And its unique "where" brand has become a symbol of domestic online travel.

Where is the opening of the official website of

with the sound of children’s Pinyin domain name qunar.com, according to the Alexa qunar.com domain name query, the average daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) was 2 million 370 thousand, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) 16 million 590 thousand. Although is the opening of brand Quanpin domain, but where to go or on several occasions due to the domain name and the people go to court. The first is where network (quna.com) legal disputes, arbitration and court of appeal after another spelling of qunaer.com domain name protection. Especially the former, once the "copycat domain" scandal known with vigour and vitality.

Ali go ah and alitrip.com

figure: go ah

talk about where the domain name dispute, it would have to mention, recently very concerned about Ali to ah. October 2014, Alibaba launched online travel sub brand go ah, and enable the integration of Chinese and English on the line alitrip.com. At that time, the brand has always attached great importance to protection of domain name of the Alibaba, and did not protect the brand Shuangpin domain name qua.com, then the domain name was sold to the gangster Hangwei where. Today, the domain name is directly set up to enable the construction of the international air ticket website.

Although the lack of brand name

is a kind of regret, but backed by the Alibaba of the tree "ah", but is still in the network started the popularity, mixed fast. More recent >

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