To handle network follow up mass layoffs or pave the way for the transformation

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news December 17th, media reports in hand is a large-scale layoffs, the number of layoffs to about 200 stations. In this regard, the Phoenix Science and technology to handle the relevant person in charge of the network confirmation, the person in charge did not deny layoffs but stressed the steady progress of the company’s business.

layoffs or transformation

earlier media reports said that this round of layoffs in a larger scale, related jobs were cut operation headquarters about 80 people, while the number of sub station was cut to about 200 people, almost every department has reduced the situation. The original handle staff confirmed to Phoenix, in two weeks ago has begun to handle layoffs, mainly operating personnel and sub station staff.

it is understood that after the acquisition of sanpower, lashou and hisap is partially open, users can purchase hisap vouchers in the online handle. It is believed that the handle is gradually to the hisap online mall transformation.


sources, handle after being acquired by sanpower, shrink the original group purchase business, appear redundant layoffs is understandable.

for the transformation of the direction, the relevant responsible person in charge of the network said it was not convenient to disclose, but said the system is being carried out within the debugging, will be in January next year, the new product line.

handle embarrassment: senior management turnover fault

in addition to layoffs, the current network has been the core of the original management team has dissolved.

sanpower acquire handle network news on the evening of October 20th came, the handle released internal channel confirmed to be acquired, and announced the appointment of former chairman Qiu Liping: lashou CEO, former CEO Zhou Feng after he was promoted to vice chairman of the concurrently chief strategy officer (CSO). In fact, on the same day Zhou Feng has confirmed the resignation, including the former vice president, vice president, vice president of wireless division, such as Guo Yi and other executives have also left one after another.

, the company is only one person in the high level of the total, handle the emergence of a fault in the management, the above mentioned the current situation of the current situation of network management. The recent series of promotions, grass-roots staff handle to the position of vice president, responsible for the "small people before a general manager and department referred to a vice president position, before it was acquired in the handle is not conceivable. And whether these people have enough leadership experience, we are more skeptical."

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