Remember the gay social networking site Fab t should be on sale

[Abstract] this formerly known as gay social networking site furniture electricity supplier, after experiencing a difficult transition, is looking for potential buyers.

Fab’s two founders Christian Schoenherr and Goldberg

Tencent Francisco August 7th, once popular web site is currently doing a big deal, and the sale of goods is the company itself.

news source said, by the flash purchase site turned furniture electricity supplier is currently working with a number of potential buyers to discuss the sale. CEO Goldberg (Jason Goldberg) by e-mail to the "Forbes" magazine confirmed the news above ().

"We have high expectations about the value of the Fab brand and assets," said

Goldberg. We are currently evaluating these inquiries. For the progress of the negotiations, we No comment. In fact, we do not sell Fab everywhere, we do not hire any banks and institutions."

potential sale of assets not all the, Goldberger want to product direction to establish a new brand new. Goldberg wrote in the message: We recently announced that we will be stripped from the home appliance brand Hem, set up a new network of furniture brands."

Goldberg did not discuss the potential purchase price, but one industry analyst predicted that the amount of the transaction may be between $100 million to $150 million.

this price and the value of the previous can have a lot of gaps. In June last year, Andreessen Horowitz and Tencent received a $150 million investment, analysts will be positioned at $1 billion market valuation.

, however, since last June, such as days after the day, began to decline, several heavyweight executives have fled, and experienced several rounds of layoffs storm. In the meantime, the company also began a transition from the flash purchase site to the traditional electricity supplier website difficult course. (Eru)

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