Workplace learning software Koru how to get the 12 million 500 thousand seed A round of financing

Abstract: This is a workplace learning software Koru how to get 12 million 500 thousand seeds, A+ round of financing behind the story. Hamilton said: "financing is indeed an art, but also a learning. You have to consider a lot of questions, how to prove the company to the next development milestone."


Kristen Hamilton is the founder of a start-up company in Seattle, she knew that the company wants to develop, take off, financing is essential. In 2013, she and co-founder Josh Jarrett spent half a year to develop an immersive application of commercial APP Koru, help new graduates in the workplace learning skills necessary to work in the workplace, to prepare for their future occupation career opened the door.

In the fall of, Hamilton and Jarrett brought together a group of graduate students at the Whitman Institute in the United States, asking them to join the office of REI, America’s largest outdoor retailer, for a week of experiments. The purpose of Hamilton is to give a presentation to REI executives to introduce how to make the company’s outdoor products and clothing to attract young consumers.

‘s experiment of the week was a great success. In addition to the successful completion of the presentation, Hamilton and Jarrett also allows the project to participate in the workplace newcomers learned a lot of work experience in the workplace, to help them find the confidence, performance is obvious.

Hamilton currently serves as chief executive officer of Koru, she explained: "the goal of the project is to be able to solve the most difficult problem of college graduates looking for work — the data show that 53% of college students after graduation are unemployed or can not find full-time work. At the same time, we also need to solve the problem for the employing organizations, because it turns out that those institutions to find ways to understand, in the rich experience of the job seekers, which is suitable for the company’s talent."

in order to develop Koru embedded enterprise training applications, two founders in the end of 2013 to complete the $4 million 500 thousand seed round of financing, and this year raised $8 million A round of financing. Hamilton is no stranger to corporate finance. In 1997, she worked with others to set up a small network retail companies Onvia, the company raised a total investment of $more than 200 million. Koru financing activities through careful planning, from the financing opportunity, goal oriented investors publicity strategy to the total project financing, all aspects of the same.

Hamilton said: "financing is indeed an art, but also a learning. You have to consider a lot of issues, such as how many rounds of financing, how much money you want to get, and how to prove that the company can usher in the next milestone in the development of."

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