Tianjin online casino sentenced nine people

not only in physical casinos, online betting profit organization, can be convicted? Recently, Tianjin Hexi District court accepted the case, a clear answer to the question.

City, a hot pot shop manager sue the use of gambling sites account development agency, and then the formation of online gambling Gang, was recognized by the court to accept the amount of more than 1490 yuan betting. Recently, the Hexi District court of casino crimes sentenced to 1 years and fined 200 thousand yuan, together with its tried and jailed for his 8 referrals.

involved eight men and a woman, in addition to Su I have opened a Hot pot shop, the other person without proper occupation, but many of them are living in a new upscale community, such as the Hexi District Harbour Plaza Changzhou, Crystal City, Hedong District Sixth Avenue, has a certain economic basis. It is understood that Su had acquired a "Venice" gambling sites account "Internet sff18", and use it to develop offline agents, and a network of gambling gangs, including the "shareholders" "agent" and "agent" member etc.. "Sff18" includes 18 general agent account, the account number of the 52 agents and the account of the 156 members. May 1, 2008 to June 4th, the use of the above account to accept a subordinate member of the effective amount of a total of 14911091.5 yuan.

network monitoring department of public security organs found the gambling sites in the network supervision work, from June 18, 2008 to July 18 during the day the people arrested. During the trial, due to complexity of the case, the Hexi District court submitted to the city court approved the extension trial for a month, in the end of the trial.



the main legal basis of conviction and sentencing in this case is the second article of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China of the 303rd paragraph. This is such a requirement: for-profit, gambling, casino or gambling industry, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and impose a fine. This is the amendment to the criminal law (six) after the amendment of the law, where the addition of the crime of opening a casino charges. According to the relevant judicial interpretations, organizing gambling profit in the network, casino crime.

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