From the new Alipay transfer function Alipay and WeChat to pay a transfer difference

14 years in September, WeChat paid product manager Edgar published the "WeChat why need transfer each other to confirm each other?", payment transfer accounts on WeChat confirmation function commented that WeChat, TA payment accounts receivable confirmation function derived from the real life AA payment scenarios. The cumulative reading volume of more than 17 thousand, the collection of the amount of 3, is the most authoritative I found the most influential interpretation.


Based on the comparison of

bank, Alipay and WeChat on the similarities and differences of the transfer payment, I think that the transfer process including pre – transfer – transfer side communication accounts receivable accounts receivable — transfer confirmation Party (later communication) 4 links, the transfer confirmation is part of necessary and widespread, neither lack, nor by a particular scene (AA payment) to determine the. I have accordingly successfully predicted Alipay will transfer of tips and accounts receivable confirmation function. So far, the cumulative amount of reading more than 12 thousand, a collection of up to 461, the influence of close to or more than Edgar of the article.

in April 12th, I found the Alipay according to the forecast, increase the transfer and transfer confirmation prompt function, as follows:



in April 17th, I found that Alipay has canceled the transfer prompt function, transfer confirmation reminder there. Fine adjustment of Alipay once again aroused my thinking, hope to the interpretation of Alipay’s behavior, and re analysis of WeChat and Alipay to pay the transfer process, function and interface design understanding.

first, the transfer process


traditional bank transfer process and Alipay transfer is to use a certain way of communication transfer matters, both sides confirmed the transfer amount, account number, time and other information, the transfer side initiated transfers accounts, Party money, after the general is a way to tell the other party transfer transfer, and ask for feedback, namely transfer confirmation the other party has received the money. The whole process consists of 4 steps: pre – transfer – transfer side communication accounts receivable money – transfer confirmation Party (later communication). In the transfer process, and Alipay is only responsible for bank transfer initiated and accounts receivable accounts receivable side link, the other two sectors settled by users themselves. The bank and Alipay did not solve the problem of the transfer process, leading to the use of bank and Alipay will transfer when using other tools (telephone, SMS, WeChat, face to face), tedious process, poor user experience. Alipay and the bank / transfer process is on the transfer side angle design, the default party must collect accounts receivable.


WeChat design of the transfer process is more account receivable account receivable. The design of WeChat’s transfer scene is the first communication transfer matters, the transfer side initiated transfers, consider whether money accounts, accounts receivable accounts receivable confirmation and then select or not automatically return, the transfer side can also learn whether the other.

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