To investigate the Qihoo 360’s business model whether those

introduction: Qingdao maitiam Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Han Jingkui published an article entitled "360 of those – to explore the Qihoo business model" in the snowball today, that the Qihoo 360 on security based product structure, can grow to like that the scale of the giant Tencent. Overall, strategic short board 360 has three: first, is the use of installed capacity and user actual length does not match, the effective contact time with the user’s short; second, the lack of two level operations, ongoing contact with the user’s demand cannot be established and deeply; thirdly, the lack of authentication system, the basic model of its security services are inherently anonymous.

Han Jingkui after the article was published, called "webis" published an article "the snowball user related diversification" essence of Qihoo 360 and Tencent model, Han Jingkui in response to questions. Webis think, as the gateway to secure Internet access, 360 to meet the needs of users. Which is the main site looking for information to find, find entertainment for the goods, and finally find the interaction, related diversification is designed to meet the users demand logic 360, also has a broad enough imagination and extension of space. Webis is very optimistic about 360 search after three years to stabilize the market share of up to 20%.

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360 – to explore those Qihoo business model

this article for the rain Maple published in snowball, the author of the United States Department of the United States and the United States Day Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO kui. Han Jingkui began to pay attention to Tencent in 1999, has been published in the country’s first introduction to the function of OICQ 2000. 2003 into the online game industry, into the grand in 2004, is a relatively small number of long-term concern and study the history of the development of the third party researchers.

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I am a Qihoo and apple bear.

a lot of people have asked me why these two stocks bearish. About Apple, and wrote many articles, basically also clarify the reason. To elaborate 360 is relatively small, for bearish reasons, has been the lack of a systematic analysis and explanation. This time, I want to fill my homework.

first of their own past to do a little simple explanation. Began to pay attention to QQ in 99 years, has been closely watching this company and this product every move. 2000 to the computer report writing, has published the first article OICQ2000 function (non text), then to help a friend part-time PR firm soft, wrote hundreds of articles about QQ wireless product release gun. 03 years into the online gaming industry, coincides with the Tencent to enter the online games, is a strange combination of circumstances, "half a project" the triumph of witness. 04 years into the grand, the first report to the boss to do, is about QQ’s competitive advantage and coping strategies. Objectively speaking, to 06 years ago, I should be a relatively small number of long-term concern and study the history of the development of Tencent

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