nternet insurance regulatory policies or introduced during the year

Zhang Yun

regulators halted sales of financial products has been more than a month, the various insurance companies Tmall flagship store is still empty. They are still waiting for the introduction of Internet Insurance Regulatory policies.

a report entitled "Interim Measures for the supervision of insurance business on the Internet" (referred to as the "measures" file ") is currently the CIRC internal sign. If issued within the next year, will become a line of three will be the first Internet financial regulatory documents.

, however, this is the department rules or normative documents, not yet finalized. If not mature, in the form of the possibility of large." Close to the CIRC said. He said that the focus of the policy discussion is operating area restrictions, the idea is that simple Internet insurance products or will not be limited to the operating area.

scale premiums from 3 billion 200 million yuan to $29 billion 100 million, an annual growth rate of 202%, the number of customers increased from 8 million 160 thousand to 54 million 270 thousand people, an increase of up to 566%.

over the past three years, the Internet has gone from spring to summer, the yield to catch up with the financial products, billion yuan policy was spike sales information broke out from time to time. But as regulators of the network of insurance regulation, various insurance firms are also confused, the current net sales top three large net sales channels to suspend sales of insurance products, the third party platform to recruit treasure also died down, when to sell high profit universal insurance is still unknown.

but this did not stop the insurance industry on network insurance enthusiasm, the recent "Chinese by CPIC life dream sound" launched the entertainment treasure three, and before the grafting of investment linked insurance, the cooperation of the insurance products are insurance dividends, the insurance period stretched to five years.

want to make big Internet insurance but do not want to risk amplification, regulators have given the tone: to release the release, the risk must be controlled.

regulatory framework

regulatory core or regional restrictions on the issue of product form and the extent to which the Internet is open to the insurance business, what product is the key." The CIRC close source said.

this is the CIRC internal countersigned documents by the insurance Department investigation, the general idea is that some complex products can be properly considered in accordance with the provincial open range, simple products may not be restricted by region.

an insurance business relevant responsible person said, CIRC can release the tendency in the whole process of simple insurance products online "underwriting, damage, claim"; in other words, the product form and management of regional regulatory link.

in fact, as early as April 15th of this year, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "relevant issues on regulating the Internet insurance life insurance company notice (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), the Internet insurance sales can break the regional limit the branches of the insurance companies.

so, the focus of the approach will also be >

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