n fact only five or six years of original literary website took a small step

      Xue ye: Thank Wen hui. Our next speaker is from Nanjing, he and the ground is carried out according to the bookstore, in our industry relatively well-known popular bookstores, they all belong to the macro group, please make a speech by Sina Lin Hulai.

      Lin Hu: I didn’t do anything before I came here, I would like to talk about the industry. I said before about 5 minutes of advertising, because by Sina’s reputation is too small, it is necessary to do some advertising.

is a popular book by Sina acquired in June 19, 2006. When it comes to popular, today you may be more understanding, because it is the biggest bookstore honorary authors and author at present, there are many shops in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area. It is behind the macro group, there is a women’s brand called Baidu’s group under the macro, which is listed in Singapore in June 5th, said China should do in the macro retail terminal of this part, there is a certain advantage of the. The popular entry network, should be said that I think the chance is relatively large. At the time of acquisition of zhulang, because the founder of waves in Nanjing, is a site in Jiangsu, at the time of their company office in Nanjing. After an analysis of the whole industry of our industry developing trend, think of electronic publishing in the future on the market is a little space, but also to advance in the electronic publishing industry which is a layout, so there is such a purchase behavior.

      it should be said that from last year to now, we have just passed through acquisition of the first anniversary of the first anniversary of the new wave of call. It should be said that in a year inside, our development, the development of the network of multiple waves, and we had not thought, than the acquisition time has increased 4 times, in what we are doing VIP charges in the part of growth by nearly 30 times, the speed is good. Our original vision, not as the actual situation is now so good. There are currently more than 20 thousand people by Sina author, of course, with the starting point gap is relatively large, there are more than 40 thousand works, we are now registered members of more than 100 thousand people, and every new member and pay membership growth speed is very fast. Advertising on so much, the following talk about my understanding of the industry.

      the beginning of the total Wu also talked about, he talked more about the history of the development of the industry and the history of the starting point of growth. He just talked a lot, in fact, I heard the core, he is talking about the original site is a stage of prosperity. From a personal point of view, although the pace of growth in recent years, we are good, speed is good, but from a lot of data, I have three points on the original site of their own views.

the first is the original site of the industrial stage. From 2006 should be an analysis report of the Internet, for all of the 50 industries within the Internet to do an industry >

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