Two site misappropriation Sinopec logo awarded 250 thousand

              two sites theft "Sinopec" and the corresponding identification by China Petroleum Chemical Co, China Petrochemical Corp (hereinafter referred to as Sinopec) to court. March 26th afternoon, the case in Chaoyang Court of first instance verdict, two sites were sentenced to a total of $250 thousand.

in March last year, Tianjin company received notice from Sinopec supplies and equipment department ", notice that the company was designated as Sinopec sentinel procurement suppliers, please login the website they pay 8000 yuan into the internet. The company in accordance with the notification log Sinopec electronic commerce network, pay 2000 yuan admission fee, I feel cheated, wanted to return to the charges, but was refused, then report to the police.

Sinopec after find another similar website "Sinopec purchase electronic commerce website is also used" Sinopec Sinopec and the circle map "combination of trademark, so will the two sites to court. They are requested to immediately delete these words and logo, while claiming 1 million yuan.

court verdict two sites to stop using the trademark and logo of Sinopec, Sinopec in apology, and compensation for economic losses totaled 250 thousand yuan.

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