The Cn domain name market domestic boutique Cn acquisition spree

webmaster group today talking about the domain name in love online auction, then ran to look at. Currently the highest offer is 8000 yuan. From the cut shot and one day time, we all know Jiayuan marriage network. The corresponding Cn was touted natural is normal, there is reason to believe that the best is yet to be.

this period of time a large number of well-known companies set off a takeover of Cn domain name, Cn domain name for the boom. A lot of boutique Cn domain names have been companies buy back or enable. Cai Wensheng purchased; primary; China Mobile enabled; Chinese UnionPay bought standby; an easy network enabled; veoshoesshoes enabled boutique domain name.


have started the domain name strategy on the well-known enterprises can be heard without end news has aroused widespread concern. Insiders analyzed, now invest in Cn domain name, more in line with long-term interests. Many in the domain name market the minon when it comes to domain name investment, often say there is no catch up with high quality Com domain name everywhere era, in fact, now the Cn domain name, although not all good domain name, but for new investors and domain users is definitely a chance".

according to his point of view, analysis of several reasons:

1, in the long run, Com domain resources increasingly depleted, the transaction price is high. With the increasingly widespread use of Cn domain name, Cn will be more and more recognized by the public. Do stand or investment, or from the recent situation, the Cn market began to pick up, with Cn domain names will become more and more people’s choice.

2, and now the price of Cn domain name, limiting speculation. 1 yuan before the domain name, a little bit of good Cn domain names have been registered, and a lot of people registered hundreds of thousands of breath. Let the latecomers have no choice. Now CN price of about 50 yuan (22.Cn high level of $30), the domain name investors do not have that strong capital to invest a lot of Cn, which creates new opportunities for the use of Cn registration.

3, because the price increases, the domain name investors in the registration of investment will be identified and selected to reduce the blindness of the registered domain name to maintain high quality, improve the utilization rate. Now, although the number of domain name investors trading less, but most are sold to the terminal, the transaction price raised. Some time ago, sold 185 thousand of the high price.

real name system under the management of Cn domain name by virtue of its own advantages, is increasingly favored by the majority of the brand image of well-known enterprises. No wonder it’s so hot.

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