Gates’s 25 years in power Microsoft made a mistake ignoring the nternet said the government is not

Abstract: while criticizing Gates, Silver is still full of respect for him, he believes that is still one of the greatest CEO ever. Silverberg believes Gates early on have prophetic vision established a huge empire, software and platform business, he also made an important strategic decision, let Microsoft also entered the consumer and business markets.

Microsoft founder Gates

Beijing on April 24th news, Bill · Gates served as Microsoft CEO for 25 years, until 2000 to abdicate. In the long process of CEO to perform their duties, he will be 2 entrepreneurial companies into the market value of billions of dollars of technology giants, he also became the richest man in the world.

recently, former senior vice president of Microsoft Brad · (Brad) on the performance of as an evaluation of the performance of the CEO, from 1990 to 1999, work in Microsoft, (Silverberg). Silverberg believes that Gates made two big mistakes: lobbying the government is not enough, did not seize the opportunity to seize the internet.

Gates 2 error


Berg in an interview with Quora on Friday, said: "in my opinion, the biggest mistake is not to get involved in the political process early in the, whether they are involved in the company or participate in. Gates’s attitude is not friendly when Microsoft’s rivals are lobbying the government. He wants the government to go away and not to interfere with Microsoft."

Gates did not participate in government and political affairs, mainly because he believes that the company’s competition is fair, I believe the company has created enough value for customers. Silverberg believes that this knowledge caused a "disaster", directly led to the U.S. government and the European Union declared war on Microsoft.

2000, the U.S. Federal District Court judge Thomas · (Thomas Penfield Jackson) ruled that Microsoft violated antitrust law, he accused Microsoft will be tied to Windows IE. In 2001, although Microsoft and the United States Department of justice settlement proceedings, but many people believe that the case of Microsoft’s dominance in the field caused damage.

Silverberg believes that Gates’s disregard

Internet threats, mainly because he wants to protect his hand to create the Windows Empire, he wrote: "the Internet brings opportunities and challenges how to react? For a long time Gates did not want to know. At the end of 90s, if you have Windows, life is good, why still need to change? Bill’s view is to protect the Windows, he failed to come up with a plan to ensure that Windows, Microsoft’s leading position in the strategic system. What was the result? By 2000s, Microsoft’s strategic position began to decline. Now it has to face new realities and make the necessary but slow changes." < >

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