Ma Yun called on to break the deadlock taxi burn wars near the end

called for Ma Yun to break the deadlock taxi burn wars near the end of

TechWeb March 5th reported text / Pan Da

since the beginning of 2014, didi and quick taxi taxi burn war has been a stalemate, both sides take turns to enhance subsidies tug of war, people are watching this war will end. With the recent chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun’s appeal, the war was finally corpuscles signs.

mobile payment to complete the goal of promoting the two or three line of the city market

recently, Ma Yun between get together in the issue of emotion, tells his mother would not use a taxi software, on the side of the road has not hit the car, this competition is deeply hurt the interests of users, especially the elderly interests of the child. Ma Yun said, this thing really have to seriously think about and treat. Friends of the taxi software, how long do you want to play ah, it is recommended that you sit down and drink a cup of tea, to discuss the next step how to do more wisdom. Competition must not hurt others."

fast taxi and didi taxi move with the wind, almost at the same time announced since March 4th at 0:00 to reduce subsidies together. Didi taxi subsidy activities adjusted to the fourth round, on the north, deep, Hangzhou keep 12~20 yuan up by the same amount, other city to stand by local starting price ~20 yuan, 2 single day. And fast taxi subsidy adjusted to 10 yuan per single, 2 single daily. In March 5th, a quick taxi subsidies also dropped to 5 yuan per unit. With spring approaching footsteps, burn taxi wars finally cooling applications.

The first time

in the burn war started, there are insiders pointed out that this war will not last for a long time, high strength, a large number of orders subsidies for users and drivers has obvious attraction, but simply use subsidies to attract users, not a long-term sustainable wise choice.

in fact, this subsidy war on both sides of the number of users have greatly improved, passengers and drivers in the enjoyment of subsidies but also willing to get through the last ring of mobile payments. We can see that the Tencent and Ali didi and quick taxi taxi invested a lot of money, one is moving to strengthen border travel field, the second is connected to the various aspects of mobile payment, users get through the most difficult to break the link. When the mobile payment channel objectives have been achieved, reduce subsidies reasonable.

adjustment strategy fast and didi taxi taxi rounds subsidies can also be seen, both sides will promote the funds to the two or three line of the city to tilt, occupy the two or three line of the city’s market share. Because in Beijing and other large city, the market share has been formed oligopoly well-matched in strength, the situation, a breakthrough will occur in the two or three line of the city, the next step will be more competition in the two or three line of the city on the broad market.

users are hard to follow the dimension of the taxi application competition is still deadlocked

and when the user application taxi, mobile payment habits gradually

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