WeChat how fun WeChat marketing to achieve 100 thousand reading

recently observed a lot of WeChat large public, suddenly found that many people still immersed in the culture stage when fans, has been the WeChat public number had a prize. There are people with unusually aggressive advertising, but still have the reading quantity, high forwarding rate; one can almost put the WeChat public number is counted as the electricity supplier operating platform…… They all have an amazing number of users, the illustrious 100000+ reading amount, the number of hundreds of points like.

has nothing to do with obscenity success, we only summarize several WeChat large ones do, look at them in how to run WeChat public number.

asked a few friends to WeChat more familiar with the circle of friends asked the high quality WeChat circle, the public, the logic of thinking is the most recommended repetition rate of the public friend, and "cooked wheat" is the maximum probability of the public reading the article number amounted to "100000+", let us in the two WeChat public number as an example.

first look at the business model they are now in


concerned about the Luo Ji thinking, get a brief introduction: "come?. Luo fat every morning a voice, recommend a vision of the article. After listening to the voice, with the text to restore the voice prompts keywords, the system will push an article to you……"

in the WeChat public number the extremely simple push mode, logic thinking by "interaction" between "speech" and "the push", and each section of speech, Ronaldo will keywords with the content of clever contact speech, a fascinating story as a primer, then see or not to see the article, depending on the user’s own, send "key words" is the date for the user to push the push, or not.



Each article below

, and are connected with the recommended books, it also is the logic of thinking of profit model.


wheat cooked

As the operation model of

cooked wheat logic thinking is so delicate, no voice less interactive, WeChat public, at first glance like waking, but it pushed the forwarding rate is extremely high, reading reached 100000+ the ratio is also high.

no skills no interaction, wheat cooked can rely on only content.

to all of the same year, the big V account in the fire of micro-blog, wheat cooked pushed the article is always delicate to attack the people. "People not Jiezhuang force, we’re just too LOW" is about a was "tall" people, they say love perhaps as we love sports public as ordinary, they love Chanel may as we like the "six God" (Liushen Florida Water), not all rich people love drunby, show off just, I >

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