Baidu entrepreneurial College XiaMen Railway Station accelerated music experts on the hacker trackin

in January 7, 2014, sponsored by the Baidu alliance, Chinaz co sponsored Baidu entrepreneurial College ·, XiaMen Railway Station exchange activities held in Xiamen Hotel Siro. Ma Guolin, general manager of the Department of Baidu alliance development, Chinaz founder Yao Jianjun, accelerate the joy of security consultants, such as a number of industry celebrities to participate in the scene to participate in.


This activity is

search engine optimization, the owners who were concerned about the value of the flow, site security, business experience and other topics talk.

During the period of

, Baidu security adviser to accelerate the music site for Wang Liwei "what can save you, my site" keynote speech, a small fragment which has aroused great interest of the participants, the team began to accelerate the music through the analysis of large data tracking foreign hackers Barbaros-DZ from July 2012, from the discovery to locate the source of the attack to attack a hacker fingerprint database, the whole process of stirring, make the participants marvel. We have to accelerate the accumulation of music in the big data technology expressed admiration.

this event is following the Baidu partner growth plan in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, Nanjing, Chengdu and other places after the success of another partner to help exchange activities. Owners and entrepreneurs benefit, they also want to do more activities, the better the better.

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