China’s domain name market has entered the era of oligarchs into the capital

history of the rise of the domain name of the foreign market, rogue has no way to study, there is no time to study. According to the memory of the rogue to count the Chinese domain name market should be from the beginning of 2000, why do you say so, because the rogue think domain name market before 2000 Chinese, can not be called as the domain name market, even one of the most basic activities of the forum are not, all this has been set up in 2000, the network is easy there is a complete change. Speaking of domain name (this domain city), also make a rogue its original domain name is was also belong to the type with Tycoon + popular word "strong violence, EACH was popular, is that EACHNET is the original, today’s EBAY Chinese, NIC and DNS two words also had to engage in hosting brothers preferred combination.

anyway, said to start the book. On 2000, at that time, the domain name that is called a cheap ah, three letter.Com a how much money? You $300 to pick a three digit.Com? How many money? Remember good love three rogue digital domain name, ask a price of $800 to $1000. The rogue approach at that time, the market is not too on the phonetic domain identity, we all feel that the domain name will be if English is the best, then with the awkward combination of domain name English will read out in their own vomit. My first name is rogue, it was felt that the SEE is, OO is the eyes, look with eyes together is really invincible, think now is really ridiculous, maybe now many new play brothers also have such idea, I note the good. After three years back you will feel funny.



was a rogue to enter the domain name market, four digital.Com has been registered is finished, it was just because of the market entry, business atmosphere is not strong, there is no rogue think of buying a four digital domain name, until one day in 2001 (now forget is still 2002), the day down four thousand or five thousand four digital.Com domain name, what a cool word, what kind of four.Com no, thousands of domain names, the eyes are cross stitch work, finally chose and rogue will be two, second years and did not let the rascal lost all renewals, as for the reason is very simple, because the rogue, three digital.Com domain so cheap, rogue will buy a three digital.Com, since there are three numbers, what do I want four digital, waste 60 Money ah. So seems to be a later registered webmaster do after mobile phone station, and rogue so far did not have a three digital.Com domain name, because now three digital.Com domain prices have jumped several times, at least 100 thousand yuan.

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