A former employee Jingdong exposing scandalous 3C division was dismissed for corruption

November 23rd news, Jingdong today announced once again an employee corruption incident. Jingdong 3C mall department life travel business operation dragon Fan Gang took advantage of his position to the shop for the shares, cash and other large financial. According to Jingdong sources, has dismissed the employee.



a Jingdong exposing scandalous original staff 3C division was dismissed for corruption

recently, Jingdong group internal control compliance department handled a case of accepting bribes from business operators. According to the internal control department investigation, Jingdong 3C mall division life travel business operation dragon Gang fan the use of his office, to the shop for a large number of property shares, cash etc.. Because of its behavior in violation of the provisions of the Jingdong group anti corruption regulations sixth, has now been dismissed. At the same time, fan dragon suspicion of non national staff bribery in the office was summoned from the public security organs, has been under criminal detention by the public security organs.

in addition, Jingdong said that the initiative to report and actively cooperate with the police investigation supplier to give appropriate incentives. Jingdong will join hands with suppliers and partners to create a good business environment, social responsibility.

October 24th, Jingdong group released a anti-corruption internal announcement, the past few days to investigate the 10 internal corruption cases focused on the real name announcement. This is the first time the real name of Jingdong internal corruption scandal.

in recent years, including Internet companies, including private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, increasing emphasis on corruption. Self correction of the internal behavior become more and more, have been established for corruption "internal discipline department, expelled a group of corrupt behavior of workers, and even many internal borers transferred to judicial organs for legal responsibility, at the beginning of this year, former vice president of Youku potatoes Group Lu Xi during the Vatican, suspected of using his position to conduct criminal the behavior was taken away by the police investigation.

in September this year, Baidu announced the 17 serious violations of discipline, group purchase platform of Baidu Nuomi’s Baidu, Baidu became the internal "strike hard" "disaster", accounting for 10 of the 17 cases of serious disciplinary cases in. For example, Baidu Nuomi Chengdu branch of a staff, collusion with the external staff to brush the business, defrauding the company subsidies. The employee has been a full refund of the company’s loss of several million, has been sentenced to imprisonment and a fine of fraud. (Wang Kaka)

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