Xinjiang site record deal increase audit qualification certificate is needed

A5 webmaster network August 8th news. Today is the webmaster in A5 Forum ( broke the news website for the record to be returned, the reason is according to the notice of Xinjiang communications authority "on the further strengthening of telecom market access and link information inspection special safety inspection work" (the new city supervisor [2011] No. 28) regulations, in the website for the increase of network information security personnel qualification examination in the management of the implementation of licensing system, network information security management personnel to obtain national occupation qualification certificate. The owners also said that the examination of the relevant qualification certificate to be started in September, if the owners do not have the relevant qualifications, must take part in the relevant examination, there is no way before the site for the record.

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              there have been news that Sichuan restart forum special filing, the end of the year will not handle the station will be closed. According to the relevant policies, the website for a special filing first need to apply for a ICP website business license, the license for the formal operation of the company’s Web site, and registered capital of 1 million. Personal Adsense will be difficult to get BBS special filing. Many owners worry about whether the policy will become the second winter. Xinjiang site registration certificate is needed, will also be for personal Adsense website for greater impact. There is no news that the implementation of the policy in other provinces. (text / Yang Yang)

              Sichuan restart forum for the end of the special filing will not handle the station

              Fujian closed 226 illegal websites off the record information

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